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How to Find Trusted Removalist in Australia

When you need to move to a new home, finding a skilled and reputable removalist to pack your belongings or do the heavy lifting is perhaps the biggest challenge. It’s undeniable that scammers and unethical business practices do exist. If you’re not careful enough, your money and valuable belongings could be at risk.


With so many options, how do you know that your chosen removalist is one of the best moving companies to handle your relocation? To help you do so, we’ve prepared these helpful tips for you to find the best removalist in Australia.



Seek out recommendations


Do some research to find a reputable removalist. You can ask your family members, friends or even your work colleagues for recommendations. One of the best ways to find a trusted removalist is through word of mouth because you get accurate and detailed information about the company from the people who are close to you. Your colleagues may be able to suggest a removalist who handled their valuables with care during the transport or either warn you to stay away from a particular moving company.


Read online reviews from previous customers


Visit the company’s website and read comments from their previous customers. Reading previous customer’s reviews will help you get an idea of how removalists manage their business. Furthermore, websites such as Facebook, Yelp and Angie’s list will also provide more information regarding local businesses. If you see the reviews are scarce or unpleasant with bad or low ratings, it’s best to steer clear.


Go with a removalist who takes inventory


When you are comparing different removalists, choose one that takes an inventory of the items that you are moving. Do not forget to clarify what is included in their quote. If you are moving long-distance ask them to give you an accurate estimate and how many people are going to help with the move.


Be mindful and don’t get impressed by lucrative discounts. It might seem tempting to get the cheapest quote, but such companies are not known for their quality of service and transparency. Also, with a low quote, there might be various hidden charges so you will end up paying more than the way you estimated.


Check insurance details


A trustworthy removalist has comprehensive insurance placed to secure your belongings in transit especially if you’re moving long-distance. If you own expensive items such as antique furniture or artworks, make sure your chosen removalist has multiple liability coverage options in case of a mishap during the move. In addition, you should ask the moving company the type of insurance they have, the policy and the deductible.


Ask about experience


Never overlook the years of experience when choosing a removalist, the more experience a company has the better. Experienced removalists have in-depth knowledge

when it comes to handling expensive furniture, electronics and fragile items in a safe and stress-free manner.


Know what you are paying for


A trusted removalist will give you clear hourly rates with no hidden fees. Most moving companies will give you a rate based on a number of factors like distance, the number of items being moved and the number of people needed for the job. You also need to ask about extra fees such as additional packing supplies to avoid paying extra at the end of service. Take note, moving house is expensive and choosing the cheapest removalist isn’t always safe.


Find the company service area


Make sure that you get information on the company’s service area by checking the list of cities they operate. if your chosen removalist has good customer reviews but won’t travel to your moving destination, they are not the right company to help you relocate.


Hopefully, you’ve gained some insight on the tips mentioned above for choosing the best removalist for your next move. Whether you are doing an interstate move or a local move, hiring a trustworthy removalist is always helpful to make your moving experience less stressful.

6 Benefits of Using Self Storage Units

6 Benefits of Using Self-Storage Units

Let us ask you a question – can you ever have too much storage space? Absolutely not! We all need that space for both business and domestic reasons. It makes our homes and offices less crowded, and thus, it makes our minds less crowded. Moreover, besides providing us with more space, self-storage units also provide us with security, protection, peace of mind, and of course, the ability to save a lot of money. However, if you need some more persuading, here are our top 6 benefits of using self-storage units.


Home Decluttering Will Be a Piece of Cake 

Home decluttering always seems like a nightmare. Why? Because it is never-ending! You constantly clean and declutter, but your home always stays the same. This happens as a result of not being able to get rid of enough stuff from your home. Nobody blames you! We, humans, love our stuff! It makes us feel comfortable and secure.

One of the most significant benefits of having self-storage is that you do not have to get rid of anything. You can save all of your precious belongings somewhere safe while having your home look clean, neat, and of course, decluttered. The best part is – you can store pretty much anything in the self-storage you rent!


You Will Have Top-Notch Security From Theft 

People who have many valuable items, or many things with sentimental value, may be reluctant to keep all those valuables in self-storage. But, what if we told you that self-storage facilities have a level of security that would be almost impossible to reach in your own home?

Almost all self-storage facilities are located in safe areas. They are surrounded by electronic gates and have cameras working 24/7. Moreover, you will get your padlock, and thus, you will be the only one having access to the self-storage unit you rented. And, if you are willing to pay a little bit extra, you can always look for storage facilities that offer 24/7 protection by trained and professional guards.


No Space for Business Stuff? Not a Problem Anymore

Whether your business has grown or you need to relocate it to some other area, you are probably worried about the space. You will need plenty of it for keeping all of your products, office furniture, electronics, documentation, and paperwork, etc. This is where self-storage comes in. As mentioned before, its use is versatile, so storing anything business-related will not be a problem. Quite the contrary – it will be an easy fix.

Speaking of an easy fix, self-storage units do not have to be used only for storing. In some of them, you can actually move your business too! Of course, this will be a temporary solution, but hey, sometimes that can save your business. If you need a self-storage unit for this purpose, do thorough research first! Not all facilities are the same, nor they have the same policies. Thus, make sure your research on how to find the best storage solution for you on time.


Moving Made Easy

We can all agree that moving is a process that requires a lot of our time, energy, and money. And, as such, it is also a complex and stressful process. However, when you add not knowing what to do with all of your stuff to your already extensive moving list, things get a lot more complicated and nerve-racking. If you have moved before, you know what we are talking about – you do not have a place to put all of your belongings because you have to move, but you still have not found your new home, or you have found it, but it is not ready yet. Or, your movers are running late. Perhaps, you have to move out of your current home in a hurry. The list goes on.

Whether you are in one of these situations or in one that is entirely different, moving can be made easier with a self-storage unit or two. You can use them for storing all of your items until you decide what your next step is. If you pack well and invest some time in organizing your unit, self-storage units can help you create enough space and save you from headaches.


Renovation Made Even Easier 

The same story from above applies here too! If you have ever renovated before, you know what a struggle that is. You constantly have to move around your furniture. You need to pay constant attention to all the items so you do not break something or even break your neck. The struggle is real!

So, save yourself from that pain and half the time and energy you need for renovation with one simple solution – rent a self-storage. Most people avoid doing this because they think they need to pay for an entire month or sign a contract for longer. But, in most storage facilities, that is not the case! You can rent it for a week or even for a day. Take advantage of that the next time you decide to remodel.


A Peace of Mind for All the Students, Athletes, Retirees, and Collectors 

Another huge benefit of self-storages is that they can, as previously mentioned, store pretty much anything! You can even keep your precious vehicle there. So whether you are a student living in a tiny dorm, an athlete with too much sports equipment, a retiree who decided to downsize, a collector who went overboard, or someone else, a self-storage unit will solve all of your problems.

If you think in advance and do some research, you can probably find self-storage units nearby. Or, find them somewhere on your way to work or your hobby. This will save you a lot of time, money, energy, and most importantly, it will spare you from crowded space and clutter back at home.

clutter-free space

How and Why to Declutter When Moving House

Moving house without any hiccups is no mean feat. Therefore, getting off to a good start is crucial. One way to ensure this is to start decluttering your home. If the thought of that fills you with terror, don’t panic! We are here to show you why and how decluttering is an essential part of any house removal.


Why declutter?

So you are wondering: I have got a million and one other things on my mind, why waste time decluttering when I could get packing? You have a lot to learn!


  • Save money. One of the main determining factors in the cost of a house removal, is the volume of your possessions. It’s not rocket science; the less you have, the less you pay. Therefore, by saying goodbye to some not-so-precious items, you will be pleasantly surprised when requesting removal quotes.


  • Make money. Not only can you cut back on costs by decluttering, but it also gives you the opportunity for a little extra cash. There are hundreds of online platforms out there in which to sell second-hand goods, so get cracking and your wallet will be heavier before you know it!


  • Peace of mind. Even more important than money in the bank is your state of mind. Moving is considered the third most stressful life event, but decluttering is one way to minimise said stress.


Still not feeling inspired? Just remember: the ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.


How to Declutter

When it comes to decluttering, even more important than the why is the how. Put into practice some of these hacks and you will be well on your way.


To prepare for the ultimate declutter:


  • Create a schedule. Impeccable organisation is essential to any successful decluttering campaign. Make sure you give yourself enough time to avoid unnecessary stress. Be truthful to yourself- if you are someone who needs strict deadlines then set yourself one. If you know that will make things worse, then don’t. Simple!


  • Make a list. Along with a schedule, creating a to-do list both helps you stay on top of things and also keeps you motivated. Every time you tick something off, it will feel like a small win.


  • Phone a friend. Whatever one pair of hands can do, two hands can do better (or faster!) Company and a second opinion can go a long way- even if it’s just for a chinwag.


  • Take out the bins. This might sound strange, but before you start decluttering, take your bins out. It is simply one less thing in the house to think about!


Decluttering techniques:

  • One room at a time. Again, structure and organisation is key! We recommend starting with the kitchen, as this is usually where unwanted items will be discarded temporarily, and so it is important to clear up space here before you move onto other rooms.


  • Four box method. Before you begin, create four large boxes labelled ‘bin’, ‘give-away’, ‘keep’, ‘relocate’. Every item will fall into one of these categories but remember to be ruthless!


  • 12-12-12 challenge. Don’t worry, this isn’t some kind of mathematical quiz! It is simply a technique whereby you choose 12 items to throw-away, 12 to gift to a lucky recipient and 12 to sell. That means each round of this exercise a whopping 36 items find a new home.


Note! When throwing out old things, be mindful of what can and cannot go in domestic waste. For example, old phones and batteries can be hazardous. Do you research as to where to dispose of these items.


  • Closet hanger experiment. We know how easy it is to become attached to clothes. However, as a general rule, if you haven’t worn an item for six months, the chances are you won’t again. Instead, find someone else who will appreciate it- either a friend or a charity shop.


  • Be a first-time visitor. So how do you know when to stop? A good rule of thumb is to try and observe your house as if you were visiting it for the first time or visiting the home of a friend. What would your first impression be?


We hope we have shown you why decluttering truly is an art-form, and one worth investing time into at that! Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions; so what are you waiting for?




chicago apartment and skyline

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Chicago Apartment Hunting

Fairer than New York and more pleasing than Los Angeles, Chicago is the most populous town in the Midwest. It is a glorious site to live for those who fancy a bustling metropolitan core. But don’t allow that to deter you, the positives of dwelling in Chicago far surpass the downsides.


The Good


Let’s begin with the advantages of apartment hunting in Chicago.


  • The rent. Yes. Apartments are relatively much cheaper than those of New York. Chicago has the cheapest condos available anywhere in the state.
  • Chicago boasts over 77 different communities or neighborhoods. For example, if you’re a party person who enjoys dancing in bars, the Lakeview neighborhood is the perfect place for you to live in. Or if you are a foodie who is interested in high-end boutiques, Streeterville may be a place just made for you.
  • Winter in Chicago may not be the nicest season, but this period is best for apartment hunting in Chicago and has the greatest advantage. The superb offers come flowing in winter with reduced rates with special move-in discounts.
  • Net effective rent, in short, NER is a calculation of how much a tenant will pay over the entire course of their apartment lease, which leads to paying less on monthly rents. In Chicago, some of the apartment complexes offer a month or two free.


You can find many eye-catching deals on craigslist. On Craigslist, you will be able to get great deals but be aware of the scams.


The Bad


As there are always some pros and cons of living in Chicago, let’s look at some of the cons.


  • Chicago has the highest crime rates. It is the complaint of many people so watch out where you are staying.
  • Taxes in Chicago are abominable. Illinois is worst of all for paying your taxes. More than 6,000 government units collect $30 billion taxes each year.
  • The city is a skyline punctuated by skyscrapers and has hardly any place for outdoor activities. The city has limited access to biking, hiking, etc. The weather in Chicago is absolutely the worst, making it hard for a business to grow. Even in spring, the weather will rise only to 10°c not making much difference from winter.


The Ugly


Rental scams are the worst. People will get easily scammed for a very large sum.


  • Landlords asking for a deposit or security even before you get to see the apartment or signing the lease is a big no-no. Never wire money, if the person is asking you too. They are probably living abroad scamming people.
  • Unfortunately, Chicago is filled with arrogant landlords who will refuse to pay for necessary repairmen or withhold your security deposit.
  • The first and foremost way of knowing what kind of person your landlord is will be by observing his cooperation regarding the paperwork of the apartment. Some of the worst landlords will not respond to your calls in case repairs are needed. You can keep a list of trails you made to call the landlord and then make a complaint to the Better Business Bureau.


Whether you are moving home for professional purposes or other issues, Chicago’s art will embrace you and will make you sink in admiration undoubtedly with its genuine tourist spots. Be ready for this adventuresome city which will switch your lifestyle completely.

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Cheap Storage When Moving Home

This website is all about storage. We want to help you get ahead, find the best place to store items and lots of helpful tips and tricks for when you are moving home.

Today we’re going to cover two easy-to-follow, actionable tips to help you reduce your storage costs when moving home. Instead of covering the advice such as ‘compare storage prices’, we will look at some of the hidden gems not so frequently spoken about that can help you save money.

1)   Completely De-clutter


It might surprise you to learn that in the US, up to 5 million people suffer with compulsive hoarding. You might have seen some of them on TV. Though, for the rest of us our relationship with keeping things we don’t need doesn’t tend to be that bad. It’s actually a completely normal trait – to keep things we believe might need at a later date, therefore leading to lots of things we don’t need.

This is because our ‘threshold’ for throwing something away tends to be ‘will I ever use this again?’. We naturally overestimate how often we think we might use something so we end-up keeping a lot more than we need.

The reason why de-cluttering is excellent is because it will not only give you more space and improve your experience of your home it will save you money in storage. If you have half of the items you don’t need to spend as much money keeping it there.

If you’re looking for practical advice on how to de-clutter that isn’t just ‘throw away what you don’t need’, the following maxim might be helpful. If you haven’t used that item in the last 3-6 months and you can survive without-out, you should either throw it or really consider throwing it out. Ask yourself, ‘if this was for sale right now and I didn’t have this item, would I buy it?’. If the answer to either of these questions is no, then look at throwing it out.

Of course, this applies mainly to smaller items and less-so to your furniture.


2)   A False Economy


As we know, a false economy is defined as something we perceive as having economic value, but actually doesn’t. The issue with false economies is that they look great on the surface, but when you look into it you’re actually losing money.

So, how does this apply to storage?

Would you believe that lots of people tend to underestimate the amount of time they require personal storage? The home-buying process can be delayed, chains can hold-up the sale, you might not have found an apartment large enough to house your storage etc…

And as we all know, whilst those items are in storage we are incurring more fees. We believe that by putting this item in storage I will be able to save money by not having to purchase another one. However, let’s factor in the following:

  • The cost of storage (expected & unexpected);
  • The transportation costs;
  • The amount of money you could receive from selling it; and
  • Your time & labour.

Now, it could be the case that there are some items that you either didn’t really need or for which it will actually be cheaper to replace. Really consider if you are approaching a break-even with the item on the storage or not. Consider if you could actually sell that item and come out ahead?


Final Thoughts


We all need storage at some point in our lives as that could be for a multitude of reasons. By pausing and thinking intelligently about the move we often find that we can save time and money in the process. If you’re looking for more ways to save time or money in your home move, you might want to check out a company called SlothMove. If you want to change address on your driving licence or need a TV licence change of address, head over there and they can help you do that within 5 minutes.

And finally, hopefully the two tips around de-cluttering and false economies can help you save hundreds in your next move.

moving companies

How To Choose One Of The Best Moving Companies In Oklahoma City?

Moving to a new house can be an overwhelming emotion. With the excitement of a new home and the stress of packing and moving, it can be a really tough time to deal with. Hence it is always important to choose the right moving company in Oklahoma City for moving your belongings from the old place to the new. This way, you will also be at complete peace of mind that your belongings are completely safe and secure. You need to hire a moving company which is reliable and trustworthy, besides being efficient. Here are some of the important factors that you have to include in the checklist while looking for the best moving company.

Factors to consider with a moving company

When you are choosing a moving company to move your belongings from one place to another, there are some very important factors to consider. These are:

  1. Check the license and insurance

It is very important to choose a moving company which has proper valid license. Also, you have to make sure that the company is insured. Having a valid license is very important for the validation that the company is genuine and legal. If the company is also insured, then you can be at peace that any damages (if there are any) will be covered by them.

  1. Experienced movers

A moving company that is in the business for a long time will know the relevant laws and regulation of places like Oklahoma City or wherever you are moving to. So, whenever you are choosing a moving company, make sure that the company has great experience. With experience, will come more skills and efficiency. Also, they have a better idea about how to deal with any particular situation and will be able to advise on packing your possessions properly.

  1. Check the ratings

It is important to confirm whether the moving company is reliable or not before you actually hire them. In order to check that, you can take the help of BBB (Better Business Bureau) to know more about the company’s background. You will get to know about the track record of the company and its accreditation’s. Also, you can check the reviews of the company to get a better idea about the credibility of the moving service.

  1. Ask for referrals

If your family or friends have ever moved in or near Oklahoma City, then you can ask them for the best moving companies. Chances are high that if they are satisfied with a service or loved it, they will recommend that to you. No matter who is recommending you what, you need to do all the research on your own about the referred companies too.

The conclusion

This is all you have to know about how you can choose the best moving company in OKC. First of all, whenever you are planning to hire a company, make sure to follow these above mentioned points or factors. As you trust a company with all your important and precious belongings, you need to make sure that they are in safe hands. This is important for your own peace of mind.

prestige car self storage

Car Self Storage For Your Precious Vehicle

There are a number of reasons why you might want to use car self storage – you might be lucky enough to have a vintage or prestige car that you only use in the summer. Or it may be a car bought purely for investment purposes that you rarely drive. Perhaps you are going to live overseas on a temporary assignment and it is just not worth the cost and hassle shipping the car to your new home. So ordinary people, car enthusiasts and even owners of  a vintage or classic car business that has simply run out of space, might require secure storage at some point that will protect the car when not in use.

Moisture in the air can damage a car if it is not being used for an extended period so the best storage environment is one that is climate and humidity controlled.  However, it is not enough to just put the car in a climate controlled storage space without preparing it properly first, not if you want it to come out of storage in the best possible condition anyway.

The Battery

The battery should usually be disconnected before placing the car in a self storage unit but check the handbook before disconnecting the battery because modern day car computers may be affected if the battery is disconnected over a long period. If the handbook advises not disconnecting the battery or letting it run out of charge you can buy chargers that will only charge the battery if needed so that you can leave it connected and avoid any problems with the on board computer. Remember if you need to go with this option that you will require a power socket in your storage unit.

 Pre-Storage Checklist

  • Replace the engine oil
  • Add anti-freeze
  • Release the handbrake
  • Leave windows fractionally open for air circulation
  • Spray WD40 (or similar) on metal parts liable to rust
  • Lift windscreen wiper blades away from the windows
  • Oil the door locks to avoid them seizing up
  • Jack the car up off all four wheels to reduce the stress to the tyres


Post-Storage Safety Checks

Safety checks are essential after a car has been in storage – never just start it up without performing some basic checks first:

  • Reconnect the battery if it had been disconnected
  • Check the level of oil in the engine
  • Check the tyre pressures – if the car was jacked up lower off the jacks first.

Once you have completed these basic checks start the car and drive it slowly to ensure everything is working as it should, particularly the main brakes and the handbrake. Storing a car long term requires careful preparation before storage and checks afterwards but for prestige cars, classic cars or investment cars a climate controlled self storage unit can be the best solution if you don’t have your own garage or don’t have enough space in your garage. It is also a cost effective way to preserve  a car for a long period when it is not being driven regularly.

Add Storage Space To Your Home Office With These 5 Easy Tricks

Home offices are important for anyone trying to earn money from home. Here we look at 5 easy tricks that ensure there is maximum storing space in your home office.


Last year a popular newspaper reported that 1.5 million people in the UK now work from home. There are any number of jobs that are now easily possible to do at home from a web designer, seo consultant, online marketing, virtual PA, voiceover artist. Anything which requires just a good laptop and fast internet connection.


With that in mind, it is no surprise that a home office is now something a lot of people need when running a small business. There are many things to think about, including the decor of the room, the practicality of it, the equipment, the ergonomics. In a place you make your money, you should feel comfortable and happy. It should promote productivity.

The problem is, with many of us having to turn to the smallest of spaces to turn into a home office, or possibly even having a multi-use room which needs to also have another use when you aren’t working, storage is at an absolute premium.

Perhaps you find your home office is more of a bombsite than a professional space for your home-based business, or you feel like a hamster you’re surrounded by that much shredded paper and crinkled up reports. Whatever your reason for being in dire need of some order, and storage, these top tips to add storage space to your office will help:




This sounds really obvious, but the home office is just as much of a magnet for clutter as anywhere else. Get a box or a bin bag (or both) take a morning, and declutter that office. Chuck away any dead plants (not very inspiring), get rid of any paperwork you do not need (that is not sensitive), chuck any items that do not work (maybe your old computer is in there, and it is broken, or you have various broken staplers that never left the desk).

Declutter the life out of that office until you are left with the bare essentials.



You may not think this is necessary, but the cleaner your office is, the more likely you are to find additional storage space. This is because when we give our office a basic clean we might hoover the floor quickly, give the desk a wipe and consider it done. If you go deep, and clean all the nooks and crannies, you may find that certain areas are simply full of files you no longer use, you might move something somewhere and realise if you kept it like that permanently, you would have more room to move around. Cleaning cleans the mind as well as the physical.


Get Fresh Eyes On The Job

Often, we look at something so much we can only see it a certain way. Get a friend or family member to look at your home office and make suggestions about storage. They might notice a corner you didn’t think could take a cabinet, they might suggest a clever storage idea for the desk – fresh eyes bring fresh ideas.


Get Clever With Furniture

Does your desk really need to be that big? Could you have a desk with more drawers and storage? Is there room for drawers under the television? Could you use a laptop instead of a computer and downsize your desk? The furniture you have should be very carefully selected. Visit some furniture shops, especially ones well known for clever storage, and look at what you could use in your room. Sometimes we may have had furniture such a long time we didn’t realise how much better the newer furniture on the market could be.


Go Paperless

Paper really is unnecessary in today’s offices, and many businesses are managing to go paperless now. Even if you shred, paper still takes up a lot of space, along with printers and filing cabinets – there’s hardly any room left for you. Consider making a plan to go paperless in a certain amount of time. Start to speak to clients about working online only, look into cyber security, consider cheap self storage for paperwork you aren’t yet able to destroy, or even cheap self storage for paperwork you don’t want to get rid of yet, and start to bring your company into the 21st century. It could free up a ton of space for your home office.


Hopefully these ideas have helped inspire you to work with your home office space more. Remember, there is always a way to make a space work for you, you just have to take your time, think creatively and be willing to put a little effort in.

self storage units for small businesses

The 3 Most Important Considerations When Choosing A Self Storage Unit

Choosing a self storage unit is difficult, but if you put these three things as your top priorities when choosing one, you will struggle to go wrong.

When you are looking for a self storage unit, you are likely to want to find a good priced unit, but that should never be your top priority. Three of the key things you want the owners to be on top of is security, maintenance and safety. Their units will hold a lot of high value items, so it is important security, maintenance and safety is top of the priority list and should be something you have no problem asking about when checking out the self storage unit you are interested in. Here’s why these three things matter the most when it comes to choosing a self storage unit:

  1. Security From The Start

All self storage facilities should have a security system that starts at the gate. Security cameras, alarms, and indeed a gate, should all be part and parcel of the security system. Individual alarms should be included, so your individual unit is protected. Clearly, if there is more security then that is even better. The unit may also boast: Electric gates controlled digitally, extensive security video cameras, sensor alarms, intercoms and various technology related to security. They should boast about this aspect of their unit because every self storage company wants to stand out from competitors. Security is clearly a key priority when it comes to storing your items because there is no point in keeping the items in a unit if they aren’t going to be safe there. You may as well leave them in your garage. If a unit claims to be secure, don’t be afraid to find out why.

  1. Safety Procedures

A great unit will have safety procedures for staff to follow. This could be as simple as using a wet floor sign if the floor has just been mopped. It may seem minor, but the more laws the company is following the better – because it means they will be doing what the law requires in terms of keeping your items safe. The last place you want something underhand to be going in is in a place you keep your treasured belongings. It also means you can feel safe when you are on the premises as well. A unit incorporating these safety measures may also train staff to look out for signs of untoward behaviour or signs of issues. This could be less obvious signs a unit has been broken into or signs of criminal behaviour of tenants as an example. This is great as it shows all eyes and ears are on the ground ensuring everyone is protected and looked out for.

  1. Maintenance Means Pride

This is a key sign that a company really wants customers to get what they pay for. From maintaining cracks in the walls, to painting a peeling door, you want to see that the entire premises is kept in great condition. It shows that the company really do have pride in the operation they are running, and ensures you can trust that you are paying for high quality all round. It also shows that your items are going to be safe. Why? Because the unit will be well maintained. You shouldn’t have to worry about damp, cracks or pests because the standards are so high at your facility, the unit will have had maintenance completed before you were sold the space.

Remember, before you invest in your unit, you should be asking questions and checking it is safe, secure and well maintained, because that reassures you that your items will be completely protected.


motorbike ready for storage

Getting Your Motorbike Ready For Storage

Plenty of people put their motorbike into cheap storage. If you are one of those people you will need to prepare your vehicle properly so it comes out of the unit as you left it – here’s how.

There are plenty of motorbike enthusiasts in the UK, and plenty of people who simply don’t have room to store their beloved two wheeled machine at home. Perhaps you’re staying in a smaller home temporarily, you’re suffering from an injury that renders you unable to ride for a while, or you simply want to put your motorbike away for winter. Whatever your reason for putting your bike into self storage, you’re going to want to spend a little time thinking about how you can store it without it deteriorating and getting your motorbike ready for storage. Environmental factors, dirt and general lack of usage are all potentially damaging factors that you need to try and prepare your vehicle for.

Here are some tips to help you get your motorbike ready for storage:

Make Sure The Tank Is Full

If you do not fill up the fuel tank, it may mean you’ll be getting some organic growths you didn’t ask for when you pull the machine out of storage. When a tank is partially full, condensation can occur which then reacts with the fuel in the tank and clogs up your bike. Odd organic growths can form, which is never a good thing! It’s an easy issue to avoid.

Focus On The Oil

The oil in your bike should be clean and the filters should be changed over before you place the machine into self-storage. When oil is left in a machine, contaminants can become trapped in it which will in turn damage parts of your motorbike.

Don’t Leave The Battery To Die

If you leave a motorbike battery in freezing conditions for a long period of time, it will die – it really is that simple. If you have a self-storage facility that provides air conditioning or heating options, it is possible to keep the motorbike in a neutral temperature long-term, which means you don’t have to take the battery out. Many good independent self storage companies provide this option, however, many cheap facilities do not so it is more than likely the battery will need to come out.

Don’t Let The Rust Eat Your Bike

You should never really leave rust to eat away at your vehicle, but this is more of an urgent issue to address if your bike is going into self-storage Bedford. Rust is like cancer to a vehicle, and it will spread and rot metalwork. It might cost you a little to get the rust sorted out now, but it will cost you a whole lot more if you leave the problem while your vehicle is in storage and come back to a much bigger problem when it comes out.

Take Pressure Off The Tyres

You should take pressure off the tyres by elevating the bike. There are stands and supports available for you to do this.

Invest In A Bike Cover

To protect your motorbike from dust particles and other environmental factors, invest in a good quality cover to keep it protected while it is in storage. The price of these covers vary greatly, so don’t go all out unless you were planning to treat yourself anyway. Just think of it like a fitted dust sheet in this instance.