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Select the Right Boxes for Storage or Moving

You pack, you unpack, and you organize. But what is the most vital part of moving? If you think organizing, making an inventory and packing a week ahead of the move is really important, you might be correct to some extent but not entirely. Because the most important part is the simple tool you use for packing. The beloved box! Regardless, of all the effort, without a packing box, you cannot survive a single move. So, how about selecting the boxes that matter and fit your budget. While it is always easy to pick one big box and throw everything right into it taking time to choose the right box will help you save a lot of time and avoid moving troubles.

Now, moving troubles mostly start with improper packing. Imagine packing your kitchen appliance in a box not suited for it. What will the result be? It’s simple, either you will break the item or it will end up getting damaged. All this happened because you chose the wrong type of box. So, how will you choose the right box for packing all your belongings? The answer is right here, but first, let’s introduce you to the different types of boxes.

Different types of boxes for a stress-free move

I recently moved with the help of Brooklyn Movers. Not only did they help me find the right box but also made me realize the role a box plays in an effective move. So, I would like to share the same information with you and help you select the right kind of box. Let’s begin and help you find the right fit.


Specialty Boxes

Specialty boxes are the right fit for valuables and belongings that need special attention. For example, your chinaware that is prone to easy damage or an oil painting that you bought in an auction. In fact, I am sure you have a lot of other valuables that need special attention. So, use a specialty box especially designed for fitting particular items. The biggest advantage of using a specialty box is that they come in both cardboard and plastic. In addition to this, these boxes have inserts that prevent the item from moving. Though expensive, they add a lot of value and convenience to your move by protecting precious items.


boxes for storage or moving

Cardboard Boxes

Traditional packing boxes have ruled the moving world since time immemorial. Whenever I think about packing, I clearly picture a cardboard box. A sturdy, brown-colored box that will help you pack almost anything you want to. So, thanks to cardboard boxes there is a solution that is inexpensive, light-weight, and matches all your packing expectations. But it is worth noting that everything has a negative side, cardboard boxes also have their own disadvantages. One of them being, low-resistance against severe temperature conditions.

Most of the time, conditions like temperature and humidity affect the quality of the box. As a result, it ends up damaging the products inside the box. So, if you’re planning on packing things in a cardboard box, make sure you keep two factors in mind. One is temperature and the other is rodents. Humidity will soften the material and leave the box fragile and rodents are experts at nibbling material made out of cardboard. Now, if you have cardboard boxes at home, make sure you store them in a temperature-controlled- and pest-free storage room. This will help you keep the quality of the boxes intact.

Plastic Boxes

Plastic containers or bins are a perfect fit for storing items like files and jewelry. As you can easily put things inside the container without having to worry about humidity or heat. Instead, you don’t even need a tape because plastic boxes come with self-attached seals. Plus we all know that plastic is indestructible. Eventually, you have the power to keep things safe at a reasonable price.

Additionally, the same plastic container that you may use for packing celebratory items, can come in handy for storing other items too. Not only this but a plastic box is good for belongings that need an extended period of storage. In turn, neither will humidity affect your belongings nor will the rodents looking for opportunities to damage your belongings. Thus, buy a plastic box to store and pack items that you think will best fit your requirements. Having talked about the type of boxes, let’s look at the next thing you have to keep in mind before you start packing. The size of the box. Yes, size is something you cannot ignore. Here are some box-sizing tips for a planned move.

Box sizes for an organized move

How important is the size of a box? First, it depends on your belongings and second on the requirement of a specific item. For example, clothes can be packed in small, medium and large-sized boxes. But a TV will definitely go into a large box with the same specifications as your TV’s former box. You are lucky if you have the original box but a new box has to be the size of the TV.


Large boxes for gigantic items

Usually, a standard-sized large box can carry up to 70 pounds or 32 kg. They are used for packing items like heavy kitchen appliances, bedding, etc. You can also use these boxes to pack winter clothes like coats and books you have collected over the years. But always keep in mind that a large cardboard box requires tight packaging. In other words, you have to fill the extra spaces with crumpled paper.


self storage tips

Wardrobe boxes for your clothes

Wardrobe boxes are specially designed for transporting clothes. They have a bar across the top of the box and the bar can be used to hang the clothes. Hence, saving you a lot of time and the trouble of folding clothes. Wardrobe boxes come in different shapes and sizes, so you can choose your box depending on the amount of clothes you have. Also, you can utilize the bottom of the box to keep shoes, purses, and other items. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is the taping technique. Ensure that your box is taped from all the four corners and you will be good to go.

Medium and small boxes for miscellaneous items

Small and medium boxes can be used for packing both heavy and light items. But adding extra weight to a small box can prove fatal. Instead, you can use it to pack simple items like a bunch of items from the garage, cups and plates, kitchen appliances, and decor items. Most small boxes can hold up to 60 pounds or 27 kg and a medium box can hold up to 65 pounds or 30 kg. But usually, it is advised to pack around 10 pounds/4.5 kg less than the maximum weight.

Now that you know all about the type and size of the boxes, select the right one for yourself and start packing. But keep all the above-mentioned points in mind and then anticipate the amount and kind of boxes you will need for your move. Happy Moving!

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7 Household Items That Require Professional Help When Moving House

Leaving a home filled with love, memories, and thousands of dreams is both painful and scary. And adding to that, all the cleaning and packing household items make it more daunting.


The entire moving process is not only mentally draining but it can result in physical pain as well. For instance, bending and loading boxes in a truck might seem simple at first. But, it can be quite painful at the end of the day if it leads to a backache.


This is precisely why hiring a professional moving company can help you manage a move without any damage to you or your possessions. They have the right experience and knowledge of moving your belongings safely from one location to another.


Be it a couple of blocks away or to an entirely different city.


Still, many people say,


“I can take care of my things.”

“I can pack household items with all the right precautions.”

“I can never get hurt shifting my stuff.”




Why do I Need Any Expert Movers?


Yes, a lot of people are ready to take the responsibilities of organizing, cleaning, and carrying boxes from one place to another.


But, believe it or not, you will encounter many difficulties. Making it harder for you to relocate. So, you should consider such obstacles and plan accordingly whenever thinking of moving.


Planning, preparation, different handling practices, and complete attention. These are a few things that you might get impatient about. It turns out there are certain household items that need a lot more care compared to others. And, professional movers are trained to do just that – take care of your items. They have all the necessary tricks and tips to execute even difficult moves.


Are you still confused about the type of items that require precision while packing? Here is the list of items where moving companies are of great help:


Antiques and Artworks

You will find many people that are fond of art and antiques. But, moving antiquities is an art in itself. It can be an extremely stressful task because you can’t risk damaging them considering their high value.


I am sure you can find some DIY videos showing you how to do it yourself when moving valuable items. But, what if you make a mistake or skip a step? Who would take responsibility for the damages? Will you be able to restore it to its original glory? Or be able to invest again in the same artwork or antique?


That is why keeping your expensive and valuable antiques safe is very important when you are about to move.


But, that does not mean that hiring a moving company ends your responsibility either. You need to do certain things before your artworks are loaded into a moving truck. Start with:


  1. Creating an inventory list to keep track of your items. Likewise, take pictures as well. This way you keep documented proof of their condition before moving. Look into moving companies that provide affordable packages for such services.


  1. Finalize the company which has the most experience of moving delicate items.


  1. Check if your insurance provider covers accidents during the move. If not, consider changing your insurance plan and provider.


  1. Invest in quality packing materials only. And label them correctly for movers so they know about the boxes that will need special attention right from the start to the end.


Electrical And Electronic Utilities

Items under this category are very fragile. A slight knock can break them. Such items mostly include your television, computer, lights & bulbs, gadgets or other similar electronic items.


If not packed correctly, they can get damaged pretty easily. So, such items require special handling while moving and only experts can help you get this done in a single go.


And remember that some of these items need certain preparations before moving. For example, you need to turn off your refrigerator at least 24 hours before your moving day.


Empty all content and food supply. Place all the removable items in one place and pack accordingly to avoid misplacing anything.


crystal glasses - fragile household items


Fragile Items Like Glassware

Glasses, jugs, decanters, china crockery, silverware, etc. etc. These are another class of household items that are not resistant to damages at all. They tend to break easily compared to other possessions. Plus, they have a high monetary value as well.


Imagine you broke an item during the process of packing or while moving. The feeling of losing a precious item cannot be expressed in words at all. So, investing in proper care will ensure their safety at all times.


Aquarium or Fish Tank

Fish are lovely pets – no doubt in that, but moving them to another location takes a lot of planning and time. Following safety steps will ensure a smooth transition and good health for your fish.  So, placing them in the right hands that will offer protection and care simultaneously is something that will ensure your peace of mind.


Remember that fish are affected by environmental stressors as well so keep them in the tank for as long as possible. And don’t feed them at least a day before moving.


Heavy Household Items

Some household items are irregular or bulky. Preparing them for a move can be very challenging. Disassembling them may not be an option or might be risky.


For example, moving a piano is not an easy task. Given their weight and value, damanging them will not only hurt your feelings but your pocket as well.


Other than that, hot tubs and pool tables also come in the same category of heavy and high valued items. Disassembling and packing such items can be scary and stressful at the same time.


Unless you have a group of friends helping you out, plan to hire local movers NYC to help with such difficult items.


Gym Equipment

If you are into fitness, then owning regular gym equipment is not a big deal. But, moving it can be quite a pain. Never risk injuring yourself while lifting such heavy items by yourself.


After all, moving is not the only thing you are supposed to do. You have a new house waiting for you. You need to be in good health without any pain for starting a new life at a new location. So, hiring the best moving companies can solve all your moving issues with complete precision.



Time, energy, and effort. These are some of the things invested in creating  kitchen gardens or pot decorations around your house. And if you are planning to move them by yourself, it might not be a good idea.


Plants are prone to shock when changing environments. Your new location can stress them as well. Therefore, consulting a professional company whether you should move or leave them behind is very important.


And, if they can be moved, then they will definitely require special attention, which is where experts will come handy.


As soon as you reach your new home, take your plants out of their moving boxes, remove protective coverings and water them, if required. Allow them a couple of weeks to adjust.



To sum up, items such as furniture, silverware, home appliances, etc. require special attention while relocating. But, still, some people underestimate the importance of hiring a professional moving company NYC in order to save a few dollars.


Understanding that moving everything is not easy will help you to ensure the safety of your valuable possessions.


Planning a move? Choose wisely.

picking a storage unit

The Ultimate Guide to Picking a Storage Unit to Meet Your Needs

Are you looking at picking a storage unit to store your belongings? Is so, then the first step that you have to take is to find a reliable storage service provider in your city. Believe it or not, but you need to take into consideration several factors while choosing a trusted storage service provider. So make sure that you get ready to spend some time on carrying out the research.


Almost everyone uses a storage unit to securely store some of their household belongings in the US. But that doesn’t mean selecting a reliable storage service provider is an easy job. You have to think a lot before sealing the deal.


Here is what you need to consider while selecting a company that offers self-storage units.




The first and most significant factor that you need to consider is whether the company that you are planning to hire your storage unit from is reliable or not. You can’t just rely on any self-storage provider that you discover on the internet. It has to be the one that offers the kind of solutions you are looking for; otherwise, there is no point in engaging with its services.




Apart from reliability, reputation is another significant factor that you have to focus on while choosing a storage service provider. You can’t make the mistake of relying on a company that hasn’t been able to earn a good reputation.


If you stick to the services of a company without considering its reputation, you might regret your decision later on. Therefore; it’s better to choose the one that has managed to earn the trust of the customers.




It’s always better to stick to a company that is close to your home because it will make it easier for you to access your unit. In case you want to secure some more items in it, you can reach the facility fast if it’s nearby your home.


Similarly, if you want to use an item that you have kept in your unit, you can get it fast if the self storage facility is nearby.





You should also consider the experience of your storage service provider. If a company has been successfully fulfilling the storage requirements of its clients for years now, it means it has the relevant experience.


Now let’s take a look at some of the essential benefits of renting a storage unit.


Extra Space


Do you think that you have very little space at your home? If so, you can free up some space in your rooms by storing some of those household items that you rarely use. Are you using your driveway for parking your car because you have packed your garage with the household items?


If that’s correct, you can free up the necessary space in your garage by securing your items in a storage unit.


Quick Access to Your Belongings


If you opt for a storage facility that gives round-the-clock access to their customers, then you can access your belongings any time you like. You don’t have to wait for the right time to access your items if you need them urgently.




No matter how precious an item you store in a storage unit, they will always remain safe and secure. Yes, you got that right; storage facilities provide high-grade security to your items.  They come with fire alarms & smoke detectors, security lighting, and  24/7 video surveillance, etc.  Besides, storage facilities also have security guards who monitor your unit all the time.




Storage units are quite cost-effective; anyone who needs some extra space can rent them. If you rent one from a trusted company, you will surely get a good deal. Whether you are moving to a new city or shifting to a new home, you can keep your belongings in a storage unit if you can’t move them at once.


Lastly, if you run a business, you can also rent a storage unit to secure your office essentials.

self storage units for small businesses

Here is What You Can Store in a Self-Storage Unit

Are you living in a big rental apartment just because you can’t manage to arrange your belongings in a smaller one? Do you think your apartment is too expensive? If so, you can move to a smaller apartment if you don’t mind storing your household belongings in a self-storage unit. Nowadays, many people are embracing storage units to save money on rent. Whether you believe it or not, it’s a reasonable decision and everyone struggling to pay sky-high rents should opt for it.

When you have too many things at your home, you have to invest more time in organizing them. And your frustration increases when too many items vying for space find no safe and secure plan in your home. You put them anywhere you feel like because you don’t have that much-needed space.

Perhaps that’s the reason most people are trying to live a minimalist lifestyle these days. Materialism is no longer offering happiness to people. Some people believe it makes your life miserable.

So if you are living in an expensive apartment to keep the stuff with you that you have accumulated in the past, then perhaps you should opt for a self-storage unit. You shouldn’t hesitate to store some of the items in it, especially if doing so is allowing you to move to a smaller apartment.

Relying on a storage unit will help you save a significant amount of money and will also make it easier for you to keep your home organized.

Now let’s take a look at the items that you can keep in a storage unit.


If you are a person who can’t fall asleep without reading a couple of pages from a good book, then you might have collected a lot of books by now. So if your books are occupying a lot of space in your living room and bedroom as well, then you can keep them in a storage unit. Why allow them to take all the space in your home, especially the ones that you have already finished reading. It’s quite correct that book-lovers hate to sell their books, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessary to be surrounded by books all the time.

Keeping your books in a storage unit allows you to access them anytime you want. You are not getting rid of them entirely.


If you love dressing up and enjoy buying clothes, then you might be struggling to fit your clothes in your cupboard. You might be using your spouse’s wardrobe, or your kids’ to keep your clothes. Is that correct? If so, consider storing all those clothes that you rarely wear in a storage unit. It will solve your problem. And the best part is that you can use them whenever you want to.


Home Appliances

We all love buying home equipment, and there is no harm in it; the problem arises when we struggle to manage them in our homes. So if you are also facing the same issue, consider storing some of your home appliances in a storage unit. They will remain safe and secure.

And whenever you feel the need to use them, you can access your unit and get them back.

Gardening Equipment

If you have ended up collecting too many gardening tools, and you are finding it challenging to keep them safely in your home, you can store them in a self-storage unit. Make sure that you keep only those tools that you use once in a while. Don’t keep the ones that you use frequently; otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy gardening.


Do you think that your home contains a lot of old furniture pieces that you use rarely? Are you too attached to them? If so, don’t worry, you don’t have to throw them or sell. Instead, you can store furniture safely in a self-storage unit. Whether you have wooden furniture or leather furniture, renting a storage unit is the best way to secure them.

Apart from securing books, clothes, gardening equipment, and furniture, you can also use a storage unit to store artworks, musical instruments, and kitchen tools.

storage units

5 Tips On How To Find The Best Storage Facility For You

The Self-Storage industry is one of the fastest growing industry in the UK. It is a convenient and easy way to store items without having to rent an extra room inside your house. With millions of UK residents looking for storage facilities, it is no wonder that it’s becoming one of the biggest industry there is. The demand for these convenient spaces is increasing because of the realization that its extensive range of size and amenities make it more versatile than ever.

Unfortunately, looking for one can be tricky if you don’t know which factors you should look for. There are numerous factors that you have to keep in mind so you can get the best fit for you at the best price possible.

This is why we created a guide on how to find the best storage facility for you.


Find the Right Size

Getting the right size is one of the first steps that you should do. Create a master list of all the items that you will store. From there, you can get an estimate of how big of a storage facility you need. You do not want to get something that is too big as you would be spending far too much money. On the other hand, it would also be foolish to have a storage unit that is too small as you wouldn’t be able to fit all your items and thus would be counter-intuitive. Arrange all your items in boxes so that you can minimize the space that you will need.


Determine what type of storage facility you need

Self-storage facilities come in different types and with various amenities that make it more versatile. Climate Control, for example, is needed so that you can store items that are quite sensitive to extreme temperatures. You need to know which type of storage facilities and the amenities that you need so that you can ensure that you pay only for what you need.

Before you sign off into a contract, try to do a physical checkup of your storage facility so you know if it would be perfect for you.


Check Out Online Reviews

You will be entrusting storage facilities with your items. This is why it would do you well to check out online reviews on whether you should really trust them or not. Listening in on the firsthand experience of other people will be great as you can be sure if you will be accommodated properly or not. Depending on how satisfied or disappointed they are, you can be ensured that your experience will be great.

Haggle on the Price

One of the best things about self-storage facilities is that it can save you a lot of cash. When you ask companies for a price estimate, many of them will be amenable to giving away discounts. The duration of your stay will also make them more willing to give out a slash in the price. If you’re staying for more than a few weeks, chances are you will get a price reduction.


Find the best location for you

It would depend on what items you will store. If you’re going to store items that you will need on a regular basis, then it would be prudent to have a storage facility that is near your house. However, if you do not need the items that you will store regularly, it would be more cost-efficient if you get a storage facility farther from the city. Check out storage facilities in nearby towns so that you can ensure that you get the most budget-friendly facility for you.

winter storage when moving in cold weather

Winter Storage: 5 Tips for Storing Your Stuff During a Winter Move

Moving in the 105-degree Texas heat can be tough but relocating when it’s 25 below in North Dakota can also be a charming experience. Cold weather moves can be daunting, so let’s look at some options for getting your stuff from here to there in the dead of winter.

Wear Gloves

This may seem like a no brainer, but items are more rigid in the colder weather and more apt to cause injury in a number of ways. Sharp metal and plastic edges—while dangerous in the summer—can easily cut your inelastic cold winter skin. Somehow, a finger jammed between the doorway and the fridge you are moving feels worse at 10 below than at 85 degrees. Stiff hands can also contribute to limited flexibility that can make accidents more prevalent.

Stuff Freezes Fast

Veterans of the Midwest, perhaps Bloomington apartment dwellers, will tell you that the feeling of 25 below with a 30 mile per hour wind is unique, but even worse is the sudden realization that as the temperature moves upward for 25 below to zero it actually feels significantly warmer; 15 can feel like spring is on the way and at 35 you have to take off your coat!

The point here is that in frigid temperatures, everything freezes fast. You already know that you have to protect your pets, but if you pack kitchen items like canned goods and jars of spaghetti sauce, you may find that after a few hours unprotected in the truck, these items freeze and burst. Therefore, make sure that you insulate everything well. When travelling across the country from a warm area to a cold one, keep in mind that the weather is not necessarily your friend.

Where to Park?

If you rented your moving truck, realize that everyone is going to know that you are an amateur driving a truck full of valuable household goods, and that simple lock on the liftgate may not be enough to keep thieves away. Seasoned movers actually suggest that if possible, you drive all night and sleep all day. That way, your truck will only be parked in daylight. In addition, make sure that when parking you back your truck up to a wall so unauthorized entrance through the back is impossible.


If you need to temporarily store your stuff in the winter for a few months before you move, this one is a no-brainer: Make sure that you rent a climate-controlled space. These areas will be inside a secure building, and you won’t have to worry about freezing temperatures or flooding precipitation that could seep in and damage your stuff.

One caveat to consider, however is security. Thieves can compromise even a modern and clean-looking storage facility, and your only recourse may be to file a difficult claim with your homeowners’ insurance company. Be sure to carefully vet any storage facility and ask for a record of police contacts and break-ins. Hopefully, there will be no issues, but if you discover some problems, get assurances that security is now top-notch.

Moving is rarely fun, and winter presents its own set of challenges. Plan ahead, be careful, and keep everything warm. If you do that, you’ll minimize some possible problems.

Whether you’re buying your first home on contract for deed or moving from apartment to apartment, you need to prepare for the worst!

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Packing Tips for Self-Storage Units

Self-storage units are a good source of space for people who need it. They’re rented for many reasons. Some want the extra storage to declutter their house while others choose to use the space to keep items that aren’t needed at the moment.


Before renting, however, there are some factors to consider, such as what you’ll be storing in the unit and how big it needs to be. Once you’ve figured out the answers to these basic questions, then you can set out to search for the right self-storage facility. Make sure to check each company’s security protocol and customer access limitations.


Once you’ve settled all the necessary fees and filled out the paperwork, it’s time to pack your belongings and fill up your storage space. But, how do you efficiently do this? Read on for some helpful tips.

Packing Tips

You have the option to pack the items you wish to store on your own. However, if you’d like some help, some storage companies offer services to assist their customers with this part of the job. Getting professional help could ensure that your possessions are properly packed and won’t get damaged on their way to the storage unit.

1. Buy essentials to damage-proof items

Packing your things for self-storage is similar to putting them away for a big move. You will have to make sure they are secure and can be transported to their destination safely. Also, you have to be certain that they will stay safe for the duration of their storage. Below is a list of some packing essentials to damage-proof your items:


  • Duct tape
  • Durable cardboard boxes — Make sure they are all similar in size for easy stacking.
  • Rope or straw — You can use these for lifting and carrying heavier boxes.
  • Bubble wrap — Buying clear ones will make it easier for you to find items when you go back to visit your storage unit.
  • Markers — Use these for labeling the boxes.
  • Newspaper or peanuts stuffing — Use these items to fill any excess space in each box so the items inside will stay put and be protected from breakage.
  • Blankets — These can be used to protect electronic items from below freezing weather.

2. Clean items before storage

Make sure that all the items going into storage are clean. Maintaining the cleanliness of the unit is also vital to prevent dust and mold buildup.


3.  Pack by category

Separate your belongings into different categories. Pack the items that fall in the same group together in one box.


4. Make an inventory list

Inventory lists can be quite useful when storing items, especially for the long term. After cleaning and splitting everything into separate groups, list down all the things that will be put away. Group the items into their respective categories.


It’s important to know where your belongings are at all times so you know where to access what when you need it. Keep your list in a safe place.


5. Label boxes and items properly

Make sure to indicate what category a specific box falls under, and then you can make labels that state what items each box contains based on the inventory list. This way, you’ll have an easier time finding the box with the item you need in the future.


Take note that there might be some things that don’t fit inside boxes due to their irregular shape or size. These should be appropriately labeled and catalogued in the inventory, as well.


Storage Unit Organization Tips

Organization is key when it comes to storage units. Some people haphazardly place their boxes inside without thinking about the next time they’ll dive back into them. If there is no semblance of order, it will be tougher to find items you need when the time comes.

1. Place boxes strategically in the space provided

If you’ve labeled the boxes correctly, strategically placing them into the unit can be done in a jiffy. Once again, make use of the categories you created and designate different sections in the storage unit for each one.


Leave some room in the middle of the unit (like an aisle), so you can reach the ones at the back more easily when you need to. The space in the middle should also branch out into smaller passageways so you can access boxes closer to the wall.

2. Stack similar-sized boxed together

Stack boxes containing items in the same group/category (from heaviest at the bottom to lighter ones at the top) together.


3. Put frequently-used pieces in front

Place items you’re more likely to take out often in the front section, so they’re accessible.


4. Place unboxed items on shelves

As for those large or abnormally-shaped pieces, place them on some makeshift shelves above the stacked boxes. If possible, keep them in their original packaging or container, or cover them with cloth.



Maintaining the Condition of Stored Items

Once all your items are safely inside the storage unit, it’s time to make sure they’re protected from outside elements, like pests and humidity. Place traps and pest-control products to prevent creepy crawlies from entering the boxes.


Also, give the boxes some space between the walls of the unit and from each other for proper ventilation. You may want to place them on top of wooden pallets so air can flow underneath as well. Another smart trick to prevent damage from humidity would be putting charcoal inside the unit to absorb excess moisture.


The last important piece of advice is to make sure the storage unit is properly closed and locked tight. Then you can walk away confident that your belongings are safe and will be untouched until you come back for them.



Chris Humphrey is the General Manager of Easytruck Moving & Storage. In 2013, the company combined their expertise in professional moving services and storage to create an entirely new approach to the business – and mobile storage was born! Easytruck now operates over 30,000 sq.ft. of air-conditioned facilities in three convenient locations in Dubai and is the only Mobile Storage operator in the UAE.

commercial storage unit

5 Ways to Get Good Deals on a Commercial Storage Unit

You will find as you progress in life that there arrive many moments when you are transitioning from one place to another and the only thing you require to make the move smooth is a good storage unit. These are super practical whether you are moving house, downsizing, relocating internationally, leaving for college, renovating or splitting households.

However, when you are choosing a storage facility there are tons of things that come to mind. You will be thinking about the condition of the unit, the access to it, security, maintenance; especially if you mean to use it long term, and convenience. And, of course, the cost – it’s not all about money-saving tips but they do help. When you consider all these features and tick the boxes that is when you arrive at your decision of picking the commercial storage meant for you.

Here are the top five ways you know you are getting a good deal on storage units.

A Strategic Location

One neat way to make sure that you won’t end up paying an arm and a leg for a storage unit is to find a storage unit that falls outside of the city limits. A lot of people pay a premium price just to be closer to their storage units but you can always have it just a little further and save yourself the big price margin.

If you don’t need regular access to your storage unit, this is an excellent idea. You can calculate the additional cost of fuel and expenses depending how often you need access to the unit, and depending on that make an informed decision. Most of the times the unit manager will sell you for the proximity to you, and you don’t realize that you don’t access it that often as you thought you might.

Do You Really Need all Those Extra Features?

Other than the proximity to the city you reside in, another thing that commercial units will charge you for are the number of extra functional amenities. The truth is that most people make a decision about a storage unit by counting the features accessible to them, when in fact they should only be checking for the features that they need strictly.

Here is what happens, the unit manager will tell you how smooth your transition can be with all the features he is throwing in with the deal, and at the time it will seem like it’s an excellent deal and you may even feel that the transition was smoother, but do you want to be stuck with that deal for the rest of your rental time?

So here is what you do. Cut off temperature control if you don’t have any sensitive items in storage. Also 24/7 access is another popular feature, but do you really think that you will ever need to access your storage unit at 3 in the morning? If no, then strike that off too. The feature that you should be looking for are security for all your items and extra consideration for special items such as antiques, paintings, fragile items or electronics.

Know What Size You Need

Don’t just go for the biggest one, make a calculated decision. If you think a certain size is what you need, it might not necessarily be it. At most places you will find a 5’ by 5’ home closet, and for standard space that is fine, what most people don’t tell you is that just think about fitting what you need to store at the moment, you can always buy additional space later. Plus there are tons of storage tips that you can put into effect yourself. If you used to live in a big house, and if you’re moving into a small house, then you will definitely need a bigger storage space, since you would end up with extra furniture.

Know How to Manage the Space

You want to consider how many things you are going to place in the unit, the size of those things, and how you are going to store each item into this unit. You have to be systematic in placement and logical according to what you will be accessing frequently than other things. If you do not optimize the unit, you are only paying for extra space that you are not really using.

Some tips to follow include always placing the heavier items in the bottom, pack each box tightly, provide easy access to every item, and always leave a room of passage to reach each item without hiring extra help.

Go for the Long Term Deal

A great way to get a good deal is the good old long term storage unit. This will qualify you for a discount as opposed to you renting a unit for a short period of time. If you are certain you will need the unit for over a year, go for this option, it will save you the extra cost. Storage units have packages starting from a year, some commercial facilities you will find this to start as early as six months.


Storage units become a necessity in some situations, such as moving. You can easily store extra luggage in them and don’t have to worry about running out of space at home.


Author Bio:

Jenny Harrison is a passionate home and lifestyle blogger. She loves to engage with readers who are seeking home and lifestyle-related information on the internet. She is a featured blogger at various high authority blogs and magazines in which she shared her research and experience with the vast online community. Currently, she is associated with New York moving company ‘All Around Moving Services Company’ Specializes in arranging and assembling services of professional and skilled local movers locally in New York City as well as areas in New Jersey, Connecticut and the Miami Dale area in South Florida. Follow her on twitter @MJennyHarrison for more updates.

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The 5 Fundamentals of Building a Successful International E-Commerce Site

The steady march of digital technology has paved the way for new ventures and greater business mobility. When it comes to business expansion, e-commerce is the new frontier. Every year, more and more e-commerce businesses sprout up in the hopes of capturing success.


It doesn’t take long for a business to build an e-commerce website. Many online hosting platforms now provide easy-to-use templates, meaning a business can be selling online in a matter of hours. But greater accessibility produces greater competition, and whilst there are some great money-saving ideas for inexpensive websites always remember the old saying that “you get what you pay for”.


This is particularly true for businesses looking to expand their business to new and emerging markets. As internet access is growing more prevalent in regions like the Middle East and Asia Pacific, there are substantial growth opportunities for businesses to expand overseas.


With year-on-year online sales expected to rise to stratospheric heights, here are the five fundamentals your business must have to launch and grow a successful international e-commerce website.


1.    Market research


Some SMEs find great success online because their products or services address local preferences.


When your SME is ready to expand abroad, it’s crucial to first do research to understand cultural appetites. An important question to ask before overseas expansion is: Are your products or services reflective of local cultural experiences?


If there is a disconnect between your products and the local cultural appetite, your business may fail to launch, resulting in an  insurmountable financial mistake that may be difficult to bounce back from.


2.    International shipping methods


After doing market research, the next step in expanding your e-commerce business internationally is to address shipping. If your products are unable to reach your customers in a timely manner, your global expansion won’t survive its first year.


Know what your shipping options are before expanding overseas.


Do research to find a reputable international freight agency that provides worldwide delivery and global freight services. Your shipping and fulfillment strategy should address policies like shipping and handling costs, shipping rates, and returns.


Where possible, offer flat rates on shipping. This will enable your SME to incentivize its customers. It also provides an additional opportunity for your business to gauge which regions your international customers come from.


3.    International payment gateways


Every country and region has a preferred payment method. In North America, payment platform Paypal and credit cards are the preferred payment method. In countries throughout Europe, online bank transfers and direct debit reign supreme.


When expanding your e-commerce site, ensure that it can support your international customers’ local currency and preferred payment method. Not providing different payment options in the local currency can put your business at risk of losing out on sales.


An e-commerce website with a difficult checkout process will result in high shopping cart abandonment.


4.    Adapt your website to local preferences


Much like local currency, international customers have a preferred way to engage with an e-commerce business. Local and cultural preferences will dictate how an audience in a local territory will engage with your website UX (user experience) design.


When your SME is ready to expand abroad, adapt your e-commerce experience to reflect these local preferences. This means translating your site’s content to the local language, converting sizes and measurements, and tailoring your site’s UX design to be culturally relevant.


Remember, there is no UX design meant to fit all. Localization is crucial to a profitable international e-commerce business. Do research beforehand to ensure your website adheres to your target overseas market.


5.    International data and privacy laws


Certain regions will have specific laws surrounding data and privacy laws as well as import and export regulations. Investigate what the laws are surrounding your target market before sending out your first overseas shipment.


When shipping internationally, confirm that your products have the necessary international freight shipping documents to comply with import and export regulations. Your e-commerce website will also need to adhere to data and privacy laws as stated by your target market.


Not complying with international and local laws and regulations can put your e-commerce business at legal risk. To avoid running into legal trouble, know the specific legalities surrounding your target market.


This ensures you don’t run into any legal obstacles as you try to expand.


A world of success at your (digital) doorstep


When your business has tapped out its local market, then consider expanding internationally.


Small-to-medium businesses looking to capture a sizeable chunk of the global market share may find that success is hard to come by. But that is not to say that growing a profitable international e-commerce business is impossible.


Taking your products and services abroad can guarantee greater success for any SME. When expanding internationally, consider the fundamentals mentioned above and in no time, you’ll be reaping the benefits.



Toby Edwards is the CEO of Shipa Freight and is based in Dubai. Shipa Freight is a new online platform powered by Agility that makes it easy to get air and ocean freight quotes, book, pay and track shipments online. Shipa Freight empowers small and medium-size businesses, taking the complexity out of International Freight Forwarding, making it easy to manage legal, regulatory and compliance issues, and offering convenient ways to pay to move their goods.

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Debunking 6 Self Storage Myths

Are you thinking of investing in some extra space, but are not entirely sure about renting from a storage facility? We know it’s normal to have concerns before committing to any decision. Maybe you’re wondering if renting a self storage unit is worth it or have reservations based on some stories you’ve heard. We’re here to set the record straight and debunk the six most common self storage myths.

  1. “My unit will be broken into.”

Actually, storage units are very secure and typically accessible only by key or code. In addition to limiting access, facilities often offer additional security measures. Alarm systems, computerized gate access, 24/7 surveillance cameras, and a professional staff who care about the safety of your belongings help to ensure that your things remain unharmed and exactly where you left them.


  1. “Self storage isn’t worth the money.”

The value of a storage unit comes down to how much you value your personal need for space. If you truly need extra room, self storage units are an investment that ensures your belongings are properly and safely stored. If you’re concerned about being locked into a long-term contract, many facilities have flexible short-term lease agreements and varying unit sizes that meet your storage and budget needs. Some even offer first-time renter deals like a month of free storage. Overall, there are a variety of ways to make self storage well worth the money.


  1. “I have attic and basement space at home, I don’t need self storage.”

Most people consider their attic or basement first when looking for extra room to stow their belongings. While your own home may be convenient, those spaces are often subject to temperature fluctuations and moisture, which can cause irreversible damage to many of your items. Things like electronics, antiques, books, artwork, photographs, documents, fabrics and even holiday decorations can be ruined by being stored there. Instead, opt for a temperature-controlled storage unit to protect your items.


  1. “Self storage is too much work.”

There can be a lot of planning and packing that goes into self storage, but in the end, a well-organized unit is better than a cluttered mess in your home. Some facilities offer services and materials to make moving your items into your storage unit as easy as possible, like dollies, packing supplies on site, and a free truck on move-in day.


  1. “My stuff can be auctioned off.”

A common misconception is that if you fail to keep up on your lease payments, your storage unit and all the belongings inside it will be auctioned off. There are many state laws that protect the rights of the tenant, ensuring the tenant has multiple chances, warnings, and plans in place before this happens. The situation is also avoidable by maintaining proper communication with your facility and opting for short-term or month-by-month leases.


  1. “Storage facilities are dark and dirty.”

Most storage facilities are well-lit, well-maintained and include lighting in individual storage units. You can keep your unit clean by stopping by regularly to tidy up. Dust is bound to pile up over time in any storage situation, so keep some basic cleaning supplies like a broom and paper towels in your unit. Furniture covers and vacuum-sealed bags are another a good way to make sure you protect your items from grime. To deter pests, strategically place dust sheets in the corners of your unit, replacing the sheets about once a month.

For more information on self storage, contact the storage professionals at Secure Self Storage and find the perfect place for your belongings today.



By Stephen Schwartz, Co-Owner, Secure Self Storage

Stephen Schwartz is the co-founder of Secure Self Storage, a firm that specializes in the development and acquisition of industrial properties.