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Building Self Storage Units

Building Self Storage Unit tips and information if you are running a self storage company or self storing at your place by building storage sheds, here are some facts to consider…

Basic material for building self storage units are plywood, and metal. You may also consider building the frame from metal bracing and the walls from metal siding. This will require screws or rivets and the metal materials. Consider what you are going to store and how much it weighs. Also think about where it will be located. In a warm climate, metal is a good choice because it will stay cooler in the summer and it resists rot. Wood will not last as long and requires paint or stain, but it is less expensive.

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Building Self Storage Units – Construction


The design of the shed can be very simple. Four walls, a strong framed floor and a slant roof are all that is required to build a simple storage unit. The floor should be reinforced to support heavy equipment, and the walls made so they can hold insulation if you choose to add it. A large doorway is also a necessity with a storage unit. Plan to make the door almost as wide as one of the longer sides. Or, measure the length, width and height of the largest object you want to store and build the unit a foot large on each side than those dimensions.

You can check some basic self storage units floor plans here

Mini Self Storage Units

Mini storage is a low maintenance option. With common sense, some basic business and construction knowledge you can build a mini storage unit that provides you with disposable income for years to come. More businesses are using mini storage to store inventory rather than add to already expensive lease costs. Actually, this is the perfect time for building self storage units. If you own a business in need of extra space for storing goods, you should check out commercial units.

You can locate the property, get the financing, locate a great construction company, build a mini storage business and make your dream of high income, low work a reality []

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Building Self Storage Units Facilities



It is also important to ensure the safety and security of your customers’ property. The building must conform to all fire codes and be equipped with fire alarms and sprinkler systems. 24-hour surveillance and an electronic alarm system will help to protect the facility from unauthorized access. You can install an electric gate for more efficient access control. You will also have to decide about the need for an onsite manager.


Self storage buildings need regular maintenance, regardless of their construction type. The exteriors of all buildings should be regularly inspected for damage caused by people or nature. Cracks in masonry buildings should be filled to prevent water leakage into the units. Rust on metal buildings should be removed and the area repainted in order to prevent further deterioration. Most damage to self storage buildings occurs on the corners when a customer misjudges the turning radius of his/her vehicle. An effective way to minimize building damage in these areas is to install bollards (metal pipes filled with cement) at each corner, approximately one foot from the building.

Building Self Storage
Building Self Storage Units Indoor
Customers expect that their stored possessions will be kept dry; therefore, regular roof inspections are essential. Self storage buildings managers should always check the ceilings of units that have been vacated to determine if there is any evidence of water leakage. Necessary repairs should be made immediately []
Self Storage For Sale – Self Storage for Sale listings are gathered here, yes there’s not only the option to set a lease for renting one or more units for your storage solutions, there are whole self storage facilities for sale…

The Steel Storage Group – A company with presence worldwide, offering self storage design and construction services. Building self storage units.

Steel Building – Mini Storage Buildings: Self Storage Franchise Building Systems.

Mini Systems – Fabricator, designer, and distributor of self storage systems throughout the United States.

Trachte Building Systems – Building self storage units systems.

American Steel Buildings – American Steel Buildings can walk you step-by-step through the whole building self storage units process.

eHow – article about how to build a mini storage.

Storage Sheds

If you decide to buy and build an outdoor storage shed you can get all the help you need from a reputable online shed supplier. In addition to a wide selection of sheds, good suppliers also carry storage shed accessories, shed foundation info, and detailed descriptions. Smaller sheds are great for storing tools and fishing equipment, whereas a larger, garage sized storage building is more appropriate for families with lots of toys, pool and patio equipment, and perhaps a ride-on lawn mower. Some storage sheds can also double as children’s playhouses (just be careful not to store any sharp tools where the kids are.[Keep reading about Self Storage Sheds…]

You can check for storage sheds to buy at Simply Summerhouses.

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Self Storage Sheds


Some companies who offer building self storage units services


America Steel Buildings American Steel Buildings offers you a complete line of pre-engineered self storage and steel buildings, a variety of floor plans and colors to best fit your project, also shipping points throughout the United States.

Ask Active if you’re considering entering the self storage business in the UK or the rest of Europe, this company can help you to decide the best options for your specific self storage construction project.

Mini Systems has been developing thousands of prosperous self storage businesses. “Our business plan enables the ordinary person to develop, maintain, and prosper in the self storage business”.

Modular Mini Storage Modular offers Fast-build panelized construction designed for Northern climates. Units are easy to assemble, energy efficient, built for cold climates, and environmentally green. They also provides site plans for most of their customers at no additional cost.

Steel Building has pre-engineered a number of different layouts for each size mini storage unit they offer. In all, there are more than 600 different combinations of sizes and layouts to choose from.

Steel Storage Steel Storage is a leader in building self storage unit facilities across Australasia, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. “We pride ourselves on achieving first entry status on self storage construction and fit out projects in new markets”.

Tech-Fast Tech-Fast is a recognized leader in providing pre-engineered buildings for the Self Storage Facilities. “Our goal is to help you create a successful Self Storage business. We are dedicated to excellence and customer satisfaction in every step of your development and construction process”.

Trachte Self Storage Systems has over 100 years of manufacturing experience, mastering the art of developing smart building products that are designed, engineered, and customized to meet your needs. From multi-story to portable containers they say their products are fabricated for long life, and will perform year-in and year-out with minimum maintenance and repair.

If you are in Australia, the Self Storage Association of Australia has a list of some storage units design & construction companies, CHECK HERE