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Self Storage Companies

Self Storage Companies offers personal and business users a storage solution that they can basically control themselves. Read about this business, links and a list of Self Storage companies from around the World.


Self Storage Business & Self Storage Facilities
The storage industry is an excellent one to get involved in. Sites are bought in city centers and on the outskirts of large towns and cities. The main reason for this is because this is where the customers dwell. As a city or town grows so does the population and demand. The value of the storage site itself will increase too, therefor being a wonderfull investment in the site property over the years. Over the years the self storage companies will pay for itself and gain assets with sales of units and storage space. Honestly run in a good fashion for a few years and you can make a very good profit from the business.[]

Selfs storage buildings
Self Storage Buildings



Today’s self storage market is very competitive and requires employees that are sales and marketing oriented. Every call to your facility is the most important phone call in the world and the survival and success of your business depends on your employees’ ability to sell.

Self storage is not only a solution for your average individual but can also work extremely well for businesses of all sizes. As the self storage industry has evolved, so has its range of services, which can be used by business users to help them operate more cost-effectively. Many assume that the only business use self storage companies can offer is storage; the reality is that many are now offering a complete range of services such as mail-boxes, office facilities, meeting rooms, moving and a shipping services, moving truck rental, ans so on…that can help any business on a daily basis. Some self storage companies even specialize solely for commercial use with the purpose of build storage units to meet every business need.[]

Self storage facilities supplies (Click to enlarge)
Self storage facilities supplies


Different facilities offer different levels of security so check out the security arrangements when visiting the facility initially. The levels of security differ greatly on the facility so decide upfront what the minimum security arrangements you would be comfortable with are []

At the right you have links with specific information about some of the well renown Self Storage Companies, but to give you a wide spectrum of possibilities, we’ve created this comparison table, listing more Self Storage Facilities, from different regions of the World where Self Storage Business has grown popularity and has became an essential part on that country/area economy.


Name Location Climate Control Price start Insurance Boat & RV Phone
Budget Store & Lock PA Call Call Call Call 1 (610) 435 33 00
PODS Nationwide Yes Call Call No 1 (877) 770-PODS
Private Mini Storage NC/TX Yes Call Call Yes click to choose facility
SpaceMart NJ/PA/VA Yes Call Call Yes click to choose facility
Storage Deluxe Tri-State area Yes Call Call Call 1 (877) 989 78 67
Storage Mart US & Canada Yes Call Call Yes 1 (877) STORAGE
StorQuest AZ,CO, CA,HI Yes Call Yes Yes 1 (800) 784 91 76
U Store It Nationwide Yes Call Call Yes 1 (800) 675 3053
Uncle Bob’s Nationwide Yes Call Call Yes 1 (800) 242 17 15
All Canada Toronto area Call Call Call Call 1 (416) 203 33 31
Canadian Self Storage Nationwide Yes Call Yes Call 1 (416) 44 STORE
Sentinel Nationwide Yes Call Yes Call  
Kennards AU/NZ Yes Call Yes Yes 1 (800) 65 88 55
National Storage AU Nationwide Yes Call Call Yes Contact Form
Storage King Mobile AU/NZ Call Call Call Yes 1 (800) 10 07 00
Casaforte Italy Yes Call Yes Call (800) 363000
Euro Mini Storage Romania & Hungary Call Call Call Call 1 (40) 311 00 18 88
Store It Singapore Yes Call Yes Call 65 6271 27 62
SelfStorAsia Hong Kong Yes Call Yes Call 297 6 99 82
Bangkok Self Storage Thailand Call Call Yes Call 02 261 15 16


For storage companies in the UK, check here


Inside self storage warehouse (Click to enlarge)
Inside self storage warehouse

Storage Companies around your Area


Prices and information are subject to change, please check each storage company service provider for latest updates or changes on those prices.

Self Storage FLSelf Storage FL – Self Storage FL units for rent, check a list of companies offering self storage facilities and solutions among the beautiful and sunny state of Florida…
Self Storage NJSelf Storage NJ – Self Storage NJ covers a list of Storage companies offering services, or in this case, storage facilities, along North, Central or South of the Garden State, New Jersey…
Self Storage UKSelf Storage UK – Self Storage UK listings and information about several companies offering self storage solutions in Great Britain. Self Storage market in UK has grown considerably in the latest years…

Some Renowned Self Storage Companies

Public StoragePublic Storage – Public Storage is the most recognized self storage company in the United States, they have hundreds of locations Nationwide, and with their partner Shurgard Storage, has jumped to the European self storage market.
EZ StorageEZ Storage – EZ Storage is a Self Storage Company offering storage solutions for residents and businesses from Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC, they have indoor and outdoor units, climate control, and secure access…
American Self StorageAmerica – American Self Storage is a storage company offering self storage solutions for residents and businesses in New York metro area, with facilities covering from Long Island, NY to Newark in New Jersey.
City Self StorageCity – City Self Storage is a company offering storage solutions to residents and businesses in 7 European countries. People from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Poland and Czech Republic has their storage problems solved.
Extra Space Self StorageExtra Space – Extra Space Self Storage® is one of the wide spread and renown self storage companies in US, they have several facilities across United States, offering different types of units and extra services…
Simply Self StorageSimply – Simply Self Storage has hundreds of self storage facilities in 18 states of USA, also in Puerto Rico. They offer moving truck rental through Penske Moving Co…
Shurgard StorageShurgard – Shurgard Storage Centers started the self storage business in Washington state, then they moved to UK, where they had such as success that Shurgard expanded their services across Europe…
Access Self StorageAccess – Access Self Storage is another company offering self storage solutions in UK, with different facilities in England, but there are other Access Storage companies in US, non-related with the UK one…
Secure Self StorageSecure – Secure Self Storage is a company bringing self storage solutions to residents in 5 US States, plus Washington DC and Canada in Ontario. Check other storage companies with the word “Secure”…
Mini U StorageMini U Storage – Mini U Storage is a company offering self storage solutions with several facilities across USA, they are specialized in mini storage units, also medium and large, even Boat & RV Parking…
Security Self StorageSecurity – Security Self Storage companies, there are at least 5 companies in USA using the word “Security” on their names. You have here a brief information about all of them, and where they have self storage facilities.
Self Storage CenterSelf Storage Center – The Self Storage Center is a self storage company with two storage facilities in New York state. There is also another Self Storage Center in Rhode Island, check also storage companies with similar names…
Pack Rat StoragePack Rat Storage – Pack Rat Storage is a moving and self storage company offering services in US nationwide, their services are based on Portable storage units also known as PODS…
Kennards Self StorageKennards – Kennards Self Storage is a storage company offering self storage services for residents in Australia and New Zeland, they offer a wide variety of storing services, from lockers, to Boat & RV storage units, even wine cellars.
Central Self StorageCentral – Central Self Storage is a storage company offering self service storage in 7 states of the American Union. Check also other storage companies with similar name…
A1 Self StorageA1 – A1 Self Storage is the name that serves for at least 4 self storage companies, one in California, other one in New Jersey, also in New Mexico and Kansas & Missouri area, not sure if they are all related.
Safe Self StorageSafe – Safe Self Storage gathered several self storage companies using the word “Safe” on their names, there are plenty of them across USA, check here brief info of some of them and what they offer…
National Self StorageNational – National Self Storage is a company with 35 years of self service storage experience, servicing residents in South West region of USA, from California to Texas. There’s other “National” storage companies out there also.

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