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Shurgard Storage Centers

Shurgard Storage Centers started the self storage business in Washington state, then they moved to the UK, where they had such success that Shurgard expanded their services across Europe…


Shurgard logo
Shurgard Logo

Shurgard Storage started doing Self Storage Business in UK in 1999, opening their first facility in Croydon, South London. Since then, the company has been growing, having now storage spaces in 22 locations alone in the Thames Valley. As the Self Storage Industry made its mark all over the UK and the rest of Europe, Shurgard Storage expanded their services, now Shurgard has around 200 self storage facilities in 7 countries of Europe.

Apart from in Great Britain, residents from Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark now have storage solutions and services from Shurgard Storage

Shurgard self storage centers (Click to enlarge)
Shurgard Self Storage Centers
Pic by clayjar on flickr


“Today Shurgard’s UK presence includes 22 self storage facilities located within the M25 and the Thames Valley. In the UK and elsewhere, Shurgard Storage’s main focus is to create a premium network of purpose-built storage centres in the most visible, accessible locations.”
Shurgard Storage has 5 different sizes of self storage units, 10×30 sq. ft. (~1x3m2), 40×60 sq. ft. (~4x6m2), 70×100 sq. ft. (~7x10m2), 110×130 sq. ft. (~11x13m2) and a large 140sq ft (~14m2) unit where you can store the content of a regular 3-bedroom house. In their other facilities across Europe (and in the States through their partner in US, Public Storage) you can rent self storage units, ranging from 1 to 50 m2. all Shurgar Storage facilities are open 24 hours, 7 days a week for their customers. Shurgard also has moving and storage packaging supplies available for all their customers, at accessible prices.

Shurgard storage facility in sweden (Click to enlarge)
Shurgard Storage Facility in Sweden
Pic by Håkan Dahlström on flickr


“We have partnerships with recommended local removal and van hire companies. We will be happy to refer you to them so you can make your own arrangements.”

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Public StoragePublic Storage – Public Storage is the most recognized self storage company in the United States, they have hundreds of locations Nationwide, and with their partner Shurgard Storage, has jumped to the European self storage market.

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All Shurgard Storage Facilities are monitored by security cameras placed in strategic locations. You are the only one with access to your locked room. The lock is unique and only you hold the keys. You also use a personal electronic access code to access the premises.

The minimum storage rental period is one week, although contracts are renewed on a monthly basis. Shurgard offers tailor made insurance provided through Marsh broker, and the insurer Avero []

About Shurgard Storage Center, USA
Shurgard started as Shurgard Self Storage Centers, Inc., offering self storage services in Seattle, Washington, until was bought by Public Storage in 2006 []


“Looking for safe storage space? At Shurgard Self Storage you keep your belongings in a dry, clean and secure storage space and you choose the size of your self storage unit and the rental period (starting from one week). 24h access, 7 days a week is available upon request. Shurgard has storage centres in London and the Thames Valley.”