Fairer than New York and more pleasing than Los Angeles, Chicago is the most populous town in the Midwest. It is a glorious site to live for those who fancy a bustling metropolitan core. But don’t allow that to deter you, the positives of dwelling in Chicago far surpass the downsides.

Building plans and a mockup of a house

The Good

Let’s begin with the advantages of apartment hunting in Chicago.

  • The rent. Yes. Apartments are relatively much cheaper than those of New York. Chicago has the cheapest condos available anywhere in the state.
  • Chicago boasts over 77 different communities or neighborhoods. For example, if you’re a party person who enjoys dancing in bars, the Lakeview neighborhood is the perfect place for you to live in. Or if you are a foodie who is interested in high-end boutiques, Streeterville may be a place just made for you.
  • Winter in Chicago may not be the nicest season, but this period is best for apartment hunting in Chicago and has the greatest advantage. The superb offers come flowing in winter with reduced rates with special move-in discounts.
  • Net effective rent, in short, NER is a calculation of how much a tenant will pay over the entire course of their apartment lease, which leads to paying less on monthly rents. In Chicago, some of the apartment complexes offer a month or two free.

You can find many eye-catching deals on craigslist. On Craigslist, you will be able to get great deals but be aware of the scams.

The Bad

As there are always some pros and cons of living in Chicago, let’s look at some of the cons.

  • Chicago has the highest crime rates. It is the complaint of many people so watch out where you are staying.
  • Taxes in Chicago are abominable. Illinois is worst of all for paying your taxes. More than 6,000 government units collect $30 billion taxes each year.
  • The city is a skyline punctuated by skyscrapers and has hardly any place for outdoor activities. The city has limited access to biking, hiking, etc. The weather in Chicago is absolutely the worst, making it hard for a business to grow. Even in spring, the weather will rise only to 10°c not making much difference from winter.

The Ugly

Rental scams are the worst. People will get easily scammed for a very large sum.

  • Landlords asking for a deposit or security even before you get to see the apartment or signing the lease is a big no-no. Never wire money, if the person is asking you too. They are probably living abroad scamming people.
  • Unfortunately, Chicago is filled with arrogant landlords who will refuse to pay for necessary repairmen or withhold your security deposit.
  • The first and foremost way of knowing what kind of person your landlord is will be by observing his cooperation regarding the paperwork of the apartment. Some of the worst landlords will not respond to your calls in case repairs are needed. You can keep a list of trails you made to call the landlord and then make a complaint to the Better Business Bureau.

Whether you are moving home for professional purposes or other issues, Chicago’s art will embrace you and will make you sink in admiration undoubtedly with its genuine tourist spots. Be ready for this adventuresome city which will switch your lifestyle completely.