Self Storage Association

Consumer awareness of the industry has grown due to the number of highly visible, multi-site storage facilities located in and around major towns and cities. 

Self Storage companies offers personal and business users a flexible and cost-effective storage solution with flexible options and easy access. When looking for a storage company, it is highly recommended to choose one that is a member of the Self Storage Association (SSA UK). This way you can be sure that the storage company meets the minimum European standards of membership.

About SSA UK

This is a non-profit organisation established in 1995 and governed by a Board of Directors. Their mission is to promote best practice and forward the growth of one of the fastest growing industries in the UK.

Their mission includes:

  • Raising awareness of industry best practice and benefits of self-storage
  • Promoting the self -storage industry
  • Delivering industry specific research
  • Facilitating a forum for discussion and debate for members
  • Holding an annual conference, network of events and regional meetings

Although the Association is for the representation of storage operators and not storage customers, they do provide customer advice and guidance. It is well worth spending some time looking through the customer information sections on the Association’s website, before choosing your storage solution.

The UK Self Storage Industry 

Self Storage facilities first appeared in the United States in the 1960s and the industry really took off from that point. Self storage in the UK began in the 1980s and focused mainly around the London area. There are now more and more storage facilities opening and the industry continues to grow at a steady pace.

’today there are more than 1,900 facilities found across the country and this equates to approximately 49 million square feet of rentable space.” ( )

There are a variety of reasons why storage is in demand from both business and domestic customers:

  • Moving home
  • Relocation overseas
  • Retirement
  • Storing excess equipment
  • Reducing office space
  • Archiving

Consumer awareness of the industry has grown due to the number of highly visible, multi-site storage facilities located in and around major towns and cities. 

What to consider when choosing a Self Storage facility

It can come as a surprise for many people when deciding to put goods into storage, just how many storage options are available. What you are going to put in storage, how long for, the size of the unit required, inside or outside, opening hours, transport options and any hidden costs are all things that should be carefully looked at before signing a storage contract.

Key points:

SSA UK Membership

Ensure the storage provide is a member of SSA UK. This will provide reassurance that industry standards are adhered to and standards maintained.


Check the facility has high quality and functioning security systems. At the very least CCTV should be installed in key areas like entrance and exit points. Access should only be for staff and storage tenants.


Take out your own insurance policy or use the insurance offered by the storage provider. Always check that you have adequate provision for insurance.


Check the details carefully and be aware that you are entering into a legally binding document between yourself and the storage provider.

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