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Self Storage Association

The National Self Storage Association was founded in 1975, it represents thousand of companies in the United States that own, operate or manage storage facilities. There’s also an SSA in the UK, Australia, Europe and Canada.


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SSA Logo


Self Storage Association

S.S.A. is a non-profit organization, governed by a dedicated group of volunteers known as the Board of Directors. This team leads and directs the association toward their short and long range goals for the benefit of their members and the advancement of the self storage industry. The Association’s mission is to become the nation and the world premier not-for-profit organization and resource enhancing the business viability and profitability of its self storage membership. The association will represent corporate, individual and vendor members through advocacy at the US federal, state and local levels as well as with other national governments[]

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Self Storage Facilities


“It shall be the Mission of the Self Storage Association (SSA) and its subsidiaries to become the world’s premier not-for-profit trade organization representing the best interests of the self storage industry. The Association shall be the industry’s foremost communicator as well as informational and educational resource to its membership, the general public and the news media.

Specifically, the Association shall labor diligently to enhance the business viability of its members and to expand the industry through promotion of the usage of self storage. Also, the SSA shall strive to advance public awareness of the industry and to enhance the image of the industry in the eyes of the general public, government, the news media and our residential and commercial customers… …The SSA shall work to bring together multi-national, national, regional and state self storage associations to fulfill its Mission and to serve as the principal clearinghouse of industry data and information, working toward common goals.”

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Self Storage Units – Pic by Mickypedia on Flickr


You can check a list of Regional Self Storage Associations, on 29 States of the American Union, by clicking here. Each listing include link to each Regional SSA website, email, phone number and Headquarters location.

Self Storage Association International:

The SSAI is a new subsidiary that maintains membership relations with national association and non-U.S. SSA members in 27 nations across the Global Earth, providing them with electronic news and information and other specialized services []

Self Storage Companies offers personal and business users a storage solution that they can basically control themselves. Read about this business, links and a list of Self Storage companies from around the World.

Some more relevant info…


SSA – Self Storage Association US official website.

SelfStorage – Find storage companies around US.

SSA Australia – Official website of the SSA in Australia and New Zealand.

SSA UK – Self Storage Association UK.

HelpINeedStorage – As its name says, find self storage companies across UK & Eire.

Fedessa – Federation of SSA’s in Europe.

Others Self Storage Associations around the Globe



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FEDESSA is The Federation of European Self-Storage Associations, was formed in March 2004 to provide a European focus for the growing self storage industry. Its membership is open to any European National Self Storage Association (one per nation). FEDESSA provides a common voice for the industry throughout Europe. It also provides advice and support to its National Associations and Co-ordinates action when appropriate with help from its Members.

Ssa uk logo
SSA UK logo


Self Storage Association UK

“As the SSA we represent and support the majority of self storage operators and facilities in the UK. Our aim is to help consumers and businesses locate self storage facilities most local or convenient to them, as well as to highlight the benefits of self storage and promote best practice.”

Self storage australia (Click to enlarge)
Self Storage Australia – SSAA logo


Self Storage Association Australia

The SSAA was founded in 1990 by a small group of facility operators. It has now grown into a professional industry body representing more than 600 centres across Australia and New Zealand. Membership is now widely recognised as an important asset aiding the growth, credibility and profitability of self storage businesses. The Association is continually expanding and developing the range of services and benefits provided to members to meet their needs. Both established and newer operators have found that they benefit from an Association that promotes, educates and represents them.

Canadian Self Storage Association

“The CSSA invites self storage owners and vendors to join. Members will benefit from leadership, information, products, networking, services and government representation. Seemingly simple changes in legislation can have devastating impacts to our self storage industry. Only through the collective lobbying efforts of an association which represents our industry, will we be able to combat these issues when they arise”.