Indoor Storage Units

Some companies offer a compact locker size unit, ideal for customers with only a few boxes to store or documents, jewellery or other valuables.

There’s plenty of variety when it comes to indoor storage units. From a small locker right up to a unit that can store the entire contents of a house. And some of these units are climate controlled, so your possessions have even more protection.

What are indoor storage units? 

These are storage units usually on multiple floors within a building, accessible through main doors that are usually wide enough to allow a vehicle to pull up close or even inside for easy loading or unloading. Lifts will provide easy access to units on upper floors and trolleys are provided for transporting goods from vehicle to unit. The doors may be a roll-up style or swing open.  Some self- storage facilities will also offer a fork-lift truck service for an additional charge.

Depending on the storage company, indoor units are in general from small to medium size. Some companies offer a compact locker size unit, ideal for customers with only a few boxes to store or documents, jewellery or other valuables. There may even be drawers or shelving inside the unit. The larger units will comfortably store the contents of an average size house. The most popular units will be the ones situated near to the main entrance and the larger units are usually located here. 

Who uses indoor storage units? 

Indoor storage units are used by both domestic and commercial customers. There are various circumstances where storage is required.

  • Moving house
  • Relocating overseas
  • Refurbishment work done on a property
  • Lack of storage space if you’re working from home

These are all reasons for customers using a storage unit. However, plenty of businesses can also find use for renting a storage unit and usually on a long-term basis. Office space, per square foot, can prove to be very expensive and using a storage unit to store documents, furniture or excess stock can be a flexible and cost-effective solution.

You may have a car or boat that will not be used for a length of time and renting a storage unit provides a safe and secure place, away from potential damage or theft. There are storage companies that specialise in car or boat storage and they can offer units with controlled temperature and any storage materials like protective coverings. 

Climate-controlled units

These specialist units provide regulated temperature and constant monitoring of humidity levels. Not all storage companies offer this kind of unit, however if you are looking to store items that are  sensitive to hot or cold conditions then this could be the storage solution for you. Climate controlled units are likely to be more expensive than a regular storage unit.


Customers usually lock indoor storage units with their own padlock. The building itself will be well-lit and access to the building will usually only be allowed during staff hours. Any access required outside of staff hours will normally need to be arranged in advance, usually between 24 to 48 hours. Out-of-hours CCTV and an intruder alert system will in be in place. The building should also be fully equipped with fire prevention equipment.

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