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Cold Storage Warehouse

Cold Storage Warehouse facilities for those who need to store goods at cold temperatures, or in a refrigerated environment. Several businesses have these units.


The primary purpose of refrigerated units for storage is lowering the temperature of the enclosed space and then maintaining that lower temperature. The term “cooling” is used generally f orany natural or artificial process by which heat is dissipated. Cold is the absence of heat, hence in order to decrease a temperature, one “removes heat”, rather than “adding cold.” In order to satisfy the Second Law of Thermodynamics, some form of work must be performed to accomplish this. This work is traditionally done mechanically but can also be done by magnetism, laser or other means.

Cold storage facilities (Click to enlarge)
Cold Storage Facilities – Pic by Ky_olsen on Flickr


Probably the most common use of refrigeration is for the air-conditioning of private homes and public buildings, and the refrigeration of foodstuffs in homes, restaurants and large storage warehouses. Dairy products are constantly in need of refrigeration, and it was only discovered in the past few decades that eggs need to be refrigerated during shipment rather than waiting to be refrigerated after arrival at the grocery store. Meats, poultry and fish all must be kept in climate-controlled environments before being sold. Refrigeration also helps keep fruit and vegetables edible longer.

Us cold storage logo
US Cold Storage Logo


United States Cold Storage is a cold storage warehouse dedicated to bringing, “cost-effective logistic solutions” to the frozen and refrigerated food industry, giving their customers a competitive edge they need in the “ever-changing business environment”. US Cold Storage has the latest technology, with IBM equipment and a complete IT infrastructure to “encompass the Internet, Web-based and other advanced technology”. They have cold storage warehouse facilities across the US, covering California, Texas, Tennesee, Nebraska, Illinios, Indiana, Florida, Delaware, Pensilvania, North Carolina and Virginia.

United States Cold Storage has been an integral link in America’s food supply chain for more than a century by providing refrigerated storage and distribution services to the food industry…. …USCS offers a full menu of value-added services to meet customer needs, such as quick freezing, storage of bulk commodities, retail and food service products, order selection, and distribution via their “PDQ freight consolidation program”.

Contact Information:

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Four Echelon Plaza
201 Laurel Road
Suite 400
Voorhees, NJ 08043
Phone: 856.354.8181, Fax: 856.772.1876


Please check each storage company service provider for latest updates or changes on prices.

Climate Controlled StorageClimate Controlled – Climate Controlled Storage, this kind of Self Storage Units has a special temperature and humidity controls to keep those kind of items that require to be stored at certain controlled temperature…like Wines.
Wine Self StorageWine Self Storage – Wine Self Storage has emerged as a cost-effective way to store your wine products for both commercial or personal use. These units are also called Wine Cellars, and Storage Companies are offering Wine Storage services…

Kelly Search – check here for listings of Cold Storage Warehouse facilities offering cold storage services, worldwide suppliers of cold storage facilities.

TouchLocal – Directory of cold storage warehouses in UK.

Wikipedia – General information about the process of refrigeration.

USCS – Official website of the United States Cold Storage.

WTDC – Supply Chain Management. Cold Storage Warehouse facilities and cold storage services available for South Florida


Cold storage refrigerated units (Click to enlarge)
Cold Storage – Refrigerated Units
Pic by Joe Marinaro on Flickr


Underground refrigerated cold storage warehouse units offer extra security from storms, fire, theft or flooding. Being underground, your cold storage unit is kept dry and cool naturally. Cold storage warehouses are generally equipped with 24hr video security systems to ensure complete protection. Access points are controlled with video, security systems, fire alarm systems, metal doors, well trained security guard personnel to be sure that the cold storage unit is accessed by authorized persons only []

You can search for Cold Storage Warehouse facilities Worldwide on Kelly Search


for those in the UK in need of Cold Storage Units, listings of storage facilities among the Great Britain can be found in TouchLocal


WTDC is a Supply Chain Management company providing Warehousing, Contract Distribution, Public Warehousing, U.S. Customs Bonded Warehousing and Container Freight Station. “WTDC skillfully manages the chain of all of its refrigerated storage and transportation needs. From providing inbound logistics and outgoing services to managing your inventory in our facilities, we provide impeccable service and confidence. We are now capable of providing multiple temperature options for: Confections and Gourmet foods, Chocolates, Wine & Beer, Pharmaceuticals, Tobacco and its raw materials, Perishable food items and more”.

Contact Information:
2801 N.W. 74th Avenue, Suite 100
Miami FL 33122
Phone: 305-594-7484 / 1-877-3PL-WTDC
E-mail: [email protected]

Cold storage warehouses (Click to enlarge)
Cold Storage Refrigerated Warehouses