Mini Storage Units

Typically, these units are around 10 feet x 5 feet and are perfect for small furniture items or boxes. Great for students who may have items to store over the holidays, like bedding, kitchenware or a television.  

If you don’t need much storage space for your possessions, then mini self-storage is ideal. Rent a small, basic unit at an affordable price and discover how useful a self-storage unit can be whether required for long-term or short-term.

What is Mini Self Storage

Most storage companies offer a variety of storage options including drive-up, portable, indoor or outdoor. Mini self-storage is another option. Typically, these units are around 10 feet x 5 feet and are perfect for small furniture items or boxes. Great for students who may have items to store over the holidays like bedding, kitchenware or a television.  

And some companies offer another option. Extra small units that are also known as locker units. These units are perfect if you have small items like papers, important documents or collectible goods. With documents, it may be a good idea to keep electronic versions as well. Documents can be scanned and then electronically stored. Some storage facilities offer this as an additional service.

How secure are these units? 

You will either buy your own padlock or rent one from the storage company for the duration of your storage term. Only you will then have access to your unit.

What to look out for when choosing a mini self-storage unit? 

It’s always a good idea to check the facilities and inspect the storage unit to make sure is it suitable for your storage requirements. The unit should be clean, dry and secure. The storage facility itself should have a variety of security features ranging from:

  • CCTV
  • Alarms
  • Motion detectors
  • Nightly inspections
  • Guards on duty

Another important thing to consider when choosing a mini self-storage unit is how frequently you need to access your unit. Some storage companies are open seven days a week, while others may have more limited opening hours. For storage companies that are not open every day, you may be provided with a swipe card or passcode which will allow you to enter the premises out of hours. This, however, is more likely to be the case with outdoor units rather than units housed within a building.

Do I need to insure my items while in storage?

Yes! Most storage companies will require you to insure your goods in case of fire or damage to the building. It’s tempting to pay for the minimal amount of insurance cover required by the company. However, you should really consider how much your goods are worth and pay for the appropriate level of cover.

Insurance is one of those things that we can be reluctant to pay out for, especially when moving or relocating and there are a million and one other costs to consider. However, if disaster strikes and there is a fire at the storage premises or damage caused by other means, then knowing that your possessions are sufficiently covered by insurance does go some way to help in this situation.

Obviously, no insurance policy can make up for the sentimental value lost, but it will help with the cost of replacing other items that may have been damaged.

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