Cheap Storage Units

It’s tempting to get swayed by the company offering a special deal, but initial money-off deals always work out more expensive in the end.

Describe something as cheap and a host of negative associations appear. These are usually along the lines of ‘inferior’ or ‘poor quality’. But this usually isn’t true at all. Cheap can basically mean excellent value for money and when it comes to a finding a storage provider, delivers exactly that.

If you live in London, you’ll know how expensive things can be. That’s usually the trade-off for living in one of the world’s most vibrant and lively capital cities. One thing that doesn’t have to be expensive though is storage. And if you are based in London, it doesn’t mean your storage provider has to be based there as well. offer a variety of storage solutions for customers based in London and the surrounding counties. However, as they are based out of town, you don’t have to pay London prices.

There are many reasons for requiring storage and those reasons can be for both personal and business use. If you find yourself needing a storage unit to house your goods for a while because of relocation, down-sizing or to store excess office equipment or stock, then cheap storage is for you. And you won’t have to compromise on quality.

Things to consider


Of course, price is of utmost importance when shopping around for a storage provider. It’s tempting to get swayed by the company offering a special deal, but initial money-off deals always work out more expensive in the end. Take a look at this storage prices comparison chart for more details. So before jumping in headfirst and signing on the dotted line, take these five things into consideration:


You should only store your possessions with a reputable storage facility and one that is ideally a member of the Self Storage Association (SSA UK).  This means the storage provider has certain industry standards to abide by. Also, look at the comments and reviews left by other customers on the company’s website or any major review website.


Ask staff what security measures are in place on the premises. There should be CCTV at the very minimum. Depending on whether it’s an indoor or outdoor facility, there could also be the following security measures:

  • Secure perimeter fencing and gate
  • Intruder alert alarm systems
  • Security guard patrols
  • Individual door alarms

If you’re storing goods in an outdoor storage unit, make sure the site has proper floodlighting in place. Buy your own padlock, so only you have access to your container. 


How will you get your goods to the storage unit? Some companies offer a collection service at a competitive rate., for example, will provide a free collection service, from London and surrounding counties, if you are storing for six months or more.


This may be considered an unnecessary cost to some, but insuring your goods adequately is extremely important.

Size of unit required 

A reputable self storage company will be able to advise you on the amount of storage you will need. Either use the guidance provided on their website or ask a member of staff. If you’re new to storage, it can be difficult to know what size you need and you could end up paying for more space than is necessary. If items are packed correctly and carefully, then a smaller storage space can be rented.   

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