Portable Storage Units

No need for loading and unloading multiple times at a traditional storage facility. Instead, a professional team can deliver a portable storage unit right to your door.

Portable Storage Units or Mobile Storage Units are becoming an alternative to regular self-service storage. Self-storage companies offering these units deliver them straight to your premises, where the unit is loaded and then taken to the storage facility.

How does it work?

It’s a very straightforward process. Once you’ve worked out how much storage space you need, the storage company will book a time to deliver your unit, or however many is required, to your home or business premises. The driver will help you load the unit, although some companies will not expect you do any of the lifting and will provide a two-person team to do this for you. It can even work out cheaper this way so make sure to compare storage prices to get the best deal. 

Once loading is complete, you will either lock the unit or units yourself with your padlock or the company will provide a security seal. Once the units are securely locked, the driver will take them to the storage facility.

Is a Portable Storage Unit and a POD the same thing?

A POD, or Portable-on-Demand unit is very similar to a portable storage unit. A very popular option in the USA, the POD is a secure unit that can be delivered to your residence. You can then take your time to load. This may take a few days or even a few weeks if necessary. Useful if you’re moving house and want to gradually box up items and clear space as you go along.

Why use a Portable Storage Unit?

There’s a number of benefits to take advantage of when using a portable storage unit. Not of all of these will apply however, as it depends on what your choice of storage provider offers. In general,

  • Transport is completely taken care of – no vans to hire or removal companies to book
  • Help with loading or unit is loaded for you
  • No unloading required at the other end – your unit goes straight into the storage building 

What about access to the Portable Storage Unit? 

Check with the storage provider, as each company may have a slightly different policy when it comes to accessing your storage unit. Companies normally require between 24 to 48 hours’ notice and do check to see if there is a charge incurred for this service.

Things to remember when packing

Once you’ve booked your unit and arranged the date for collection, the next task is to get all your items ready for storage. Everything needs to ready by the time the unit arrives.

To maximise unit space and minimise damage, your items need to be carefully prepared:

  • Dismantle any furniture items, where possible (remove legs from sofas and dining tables)
  • Pack all glass, crockery and other breakables in bubblewrap and label the boxes as ‘fragile’
  • Securely fasten any cardboard boxes with strong adhesive tape (include the bottom, as well)
  • Label any boxes that are half-filled to prevent them being crushed when stacking
  • Check the prohibited items list

Finally, don’t forget to…

List the contents of each box and use some method of identifying the boxes. Perhaps a number or a letter, but whatever you choose, remember to keep this list in a safe place.

Portable storage units -the new self storage! No need for loading and unloading multiple times at a traditional storage facility. Instead, a professional team can deliver a portable storage unit right to your door.

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