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Portable Storage Units

Portable Storage Units are becoming an alternative to regular self service storage, companies offering these units deliver the storage unit to your home or whatever location you need.


Portable storage container (Click to enlarge)
Portable storage container


Lets go Pods!
Apart of the traditional self service storage units, there are Portable Storage Units (also known as Mobile Storage or PODSPortable On-Demand), they are a good alternative for both home and business uses. They are small or medium sized containers, set up for easy handling and moving using a truck. Companies offering portable storage deliver these containers to your house or business or the location you want, pack it up and then they take the unit to a secure place at their facilities. Ask a representative about specific details and all services they offer, also don’t forget to ask about insurance services; storing companies who offer insurance on this kind of units are more reliable.

Portable storage is a new concept in the self storage industry, the concept offers potential customers the ability to pack their belongings into the unit and then load into the storage facility van. It is then sent to the storage facility for storing. However portable storage units can be accessed 24/7 and seven days a week, and if you require any of your belongings or need to add items to your unit then its just a phone call away []

Portable storage units delivered (Click to enlarge)
Portable storage units delivered to a house


American Portable Mini Storage(TM) is a great option if you choose these kinds of storage units or containers. “We understand and respect the value of both time and convenience. Our professional and friendly staff is here to help guide you in choosing the most appropriate choice for your temporary or long term portable storage needs” .

Portable storage units are delivered to your residential or business site, eliminating the need to pack a truck or trailer.

Door To Door is another US company offering Portable or mobile storage units. Door to Door portable containers are 5x7x8 feet, and hold an average of 40 to 50 medium sized boxes. These units are more economical and stable than larger portable storage pods.

“Save time and money over traditional self-storage services. Why rush to load, unload, and return an expensive rental truck? We deliver our portable storage containers to your door. Take a few days or a week to load it. When you’re done, we pick it up and take it to our secure storage center”.


Portable storage units are the new self storage. Now, rather than loading and unloading multiple times at a traditional storage facility, a professional driver can deliver a portable storage unit right to your door. You load it, they store it. Then, they deliver it right to your door when you’re ready to unload.

The primary advantage of portable storage units is that it provides storage space for your goods. Secondly, you can store your expensive goods without fear of their damage. Thirdly, conveyance of the goods through portable storage is more convenient than other modes. Portable storage can be transported in large vehicles. Moreover, there are a number of companies which offer this kind of storage service and you can get negotiable prices because portable storage units do not cost much.

For quick and safe movement of business items or household items, portable storage containers are the best option. You just call the company to get the empty storage container. Many companies supply portable storage at your home and when you load it up, then the items are delivered by the company to a specific place. You can get the benefits from portable storage units especially if you are dealing with a warehousing business or a retail business. Some portable self storage companies also offer overseas transportation of goods []


SelfStorage – Find self service storage facilities around US.

American Portable Mini Storage – Portable self storage solutions, along United States.

Door to Door – Storage and mobile containers, delivered to your place.

PODS – Storage and moving services, portable units available, flexible schedules and secure systems.

US Storage Search – When renting mobile storage, a mobile storage company will bring portable storage units right to your home or office. They will drop off the unit, typically ranging in size from a 5×7 to a 10×13. You then have as much time as you need to fill the unit. After the unit is loaded, you can either store the unit at your home or office, or call the mobile storage company to come and pick the unit up…


More Storage Companies offering Portable Containers

Pack Rat StoragePack Rat Storage – Pack Rat Storage is a moving and self storage company offering services in US nationwide, their services are based on Portable storage units also known as PODS…

ABF UPack Moving: If you’re moving a small amount of items or moving from an apartment or storage facility where parking is limited, the “U-Pack ReloCube is your solution”. The ReloCube is a 6’D x 7’W x 8’H portable moving and storage container that sits flat on the ground. It’s large enough to accommodate one room of furnishings, yet small enough to fit into a parking place. You load the moving container, lock it, and keep the key. ABF does the rest. Phone: 1 (800) 355 16 96.

Go Mini’s: Portable storage units. “Go Mini’s® has more than 200 locally owned and operated dealerships serving more than 1000 markets in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. If you need the best in portable moving and storage solutions then we invite you to call us at 1-866-GoMinis.

SmartBox: Portable and mobile storage units, long distance moving and self storage services. Locations all over USA. Phone: 1 (877) 627 8269.

Sam Store and Move: Portable storage and moving containers, several facilities on the United States, weather-proof, steel-framed containers holding the contents of a typical 1500 sq. ft. home. Phone: 1 (800) 438 2726.

UNITS: Easy moving and storage nationwide, portable units available. Phone: 1 (866) 569-UNIT.

PODS is a well recognized storage company offering portable storage units. They cover US & Canada territories. They deliver the unit right at your door, several services available, flexibile schedules, and the most important thing when it comes tostoring your precious belongings, a reliable and secure system.

Pods portable unit (Click to enlarge)
PODS Portable Unit


“PODS is designed around your schedule, pack and unpack at your own pace. Use our container for as long as you want. Perfect for overcoming the unexpected… …You lock it and keep the only key. You won’t have to risk damage by moving your things multiple times. Our lift keeps things level, load at ground level, no ramps!”
Phone: 1 (877) 770-PODS

Mobile storage (Click to enlarge)
Mobile Storage