Commercial Storage Units

More of us are facing the challenge of finding enough space for our items, whether that’s related to a business or in our home lives.

Self- Storage for your business

If you want to reduce business expenses and resolve storage needs, then commercial storage units can help by storing any of your excess business items.

 Space has become a premium as our lives become filled with more and more ‘stuff’. More of us are facing the challenge of finding enough space for our items, whether that’s related to a business or in our home lives. Self-storage can be the solution to business or personal live that have become over-run with clutter.

Perhaps you only have a few items to store or want to archive all your business paperwork. Whatever the situation, there is a storage solution available. Whether storage is required for a few weeks or a few years, this could be a cost-effective and agile solution to your business requirements.

Why use Self-Storage? 

Renting office space can come at a premium cost but may not always be necessary. If you’re running a business, keeping overheads to a minimum is essential and if you find you’re paying for more office space than you really need, a commercial storage unit could be the answer.

Renting a commercial storage unit is an excellent cost-effective and secure option. Self storage prices vary so make sure you compare costs to be sure of finding the best deal available for your needs. Entry to a storage unit is usually gained via either a key or a swipe card, which means you can control who can have access. Remember to always keep hold of your swipe card and do not let anyone else use it.

How much storage will my business need?

Most self-storage companies will have a storage calculating or estimating device on their website or a knowledgeable team of storage experts available to give advice and guidance on the size unit required.

In addition, it’s always a good idea to visit a storage facility to look at all the storage container sizes available and obtain a clearer idea of which one will be most suitable.

Do I need a commercial storage unit?

Yes, if you have any of the following:

  • Office furniture or electrical equipment not used on a regular basis
  • Documents, files and paperwork ready for archive
  • Collections of sales samples, excess stock and display equipment
  • Seasonal stock
  • Office equipment and stock to store during a move or refurbishment
  • Office supplies bought in bulk quantities to save money.

Specialist Storage Conditions

It’s becoming more common for storage facilities to offer special storage units with a controlled climate environment. This kind of storage will protect goods that are sensitive to temperature change. These types of storage units also control humidity levels to ensure your goods will not suffer any damage if they are stored for a long period of time.

If you have goods that require a refrigerated environment, like wine, for example, then there are companies that can offer cold storage units to keep your stock at a chilled temperature.

Give your business space an overhaul 

Sort out those items that that are not used regularly and could be stored away in a secure commercial unit.  Free up valuable office space or even down-size your current premises to a more economical option.

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