Self Storage UK

Self-storage comes in a variety of sizes and at various locations. It really does pay to do the research to find the ideal storage solution for your own particular requirements.

The self storage industry has seen considerable growth in the past couple of decades. The market is now considered one of the largest and most established in Europe. According to Self Storage Association UK (SSA UK), the market is anticipated to grow with a compounded annual growth rate of 10-15%.

The demand for self storage appears stronger than ever in the UK, with more and more storage facilities appearing nationwide. The UK industry has come a long way since it began in the London area during the 1980s. SSA UK reports that there are more than 1,900 storage facilities around the country, offering a variety of storage solutions.

Across the UK you can find smaller independent storage companies, right through to large multi-site operators with big brand names. Some sites offer outdoor containers only and others have various sized units on different levels within a large building. There will be a loading bay for vehicles to pull up to and trolleys to use to take items to the unit.

Why the increase in demand?

There are many reasons to cite for the increase in storage demand over the past few years. Demand has increased from both commercial and domestic market sectors. Businesses may need extra space but can find renting a storage unit is more economical than renting more office space. Households may find themselves short on space and in need of storage to stash away bulky or infrequently used items.

The number of people working from home is greater than ever. This impacts storage demand as people may decide they can move if not tied to an office location. Or they can convert a garage or shed into an office space and may require storage while the refurbishment takes place.

 Self storage is a flexible and secure way of ensuring your possessions are safely looked after until you next need them. If you do your research, you can potentially find a good deal with extras offered like free collection. offer a free collection service for customers requiring storage for six months or more. This is a great offer if you are located in London or the surrounding counties. Their premises are fully secure with multiple security features including CCTV, perimeter fence and gated access.

What to look for when choosing a storage facility? 

Check that there is a good level of security on the site and that the unit itself is clean, dry and free of damage. Most storage companies are open 7 days a week but for those allowing out of hours access, you will be given a security swipe or keypad entry passcode. The facility must have good floodlighting if the storage units are outside. If you choose a storage company that is a member of the SSA UK, then you can be sure they are acting in compliance with the high standards set by the association.

Things to remember… 

  • Keep an inventory of all items in storage
  • Ensure items are fully insured
  • Check the small print on the contract and make sure you understand all costs and cancellation terms
  • Pack items carefully and use proper packaging materials
  • Buy a high-quality padlock for your unit

Self-storage comes in a variety of sizes and at various locations. It really does pay to do the research to find the ideal storage solution for your own particular requirements.

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