Whether it comes to decluttering your home or moving to another location, renting a reliable storage unit is a life-saver. Knowing that your possessions are tucked away in a secure place will help you sleep better and free up your space so you can enjoy the convenience and comfort of your living or working environment. However, if you don’t have the experience when it comes to packing and storing, this might not be an easy task. To determine the right size of storage for your needs, you will have to consider different factors that will influence your final decision. There are various choices for keeping your things, from portable to indoor and outdoor units. Still, choosing the right option can save you some money, especially if you’re renting a long-term storage space.

There’s a brilliant storage price comparison chart here that shows price differences for different sized storage units.

Take a look at your local storage units

If you’re planning to hire a local storage company, checking out the units in advance will help a lot. This will give you the idea of usable space and an opportunity to talk to someone who has packing and storing experience. They can tell you approximately how many things and rooms can fit in a specific unit. It’s necessary to learn as much as possible about the services they provide, to decide what works best for you. Interior storage spaces often have extra features like climate control, while external have drive-up access. Your needs will dictate the type of unit, not just the size.

Assess the right size of storage for your needs 

For an inexperienced eye, it can be hard to visualize how much space your possessions will require. However, there are few ways to do determine the right size of storage for your needs. Some of them are:

  • gathering information about available units in your desired storage company,
  • talking to experts,
  • making a list of inventory,
  • measuring the items,
  • using an online storage unit estimator.

If you have enough time on your hands, draft a list of things to store before moving. That way, you can get a rough idea of how much space you need and rent storage earlier.

Measuring items will help

Sometimes we don’t have the time to pack things for storing in advance, so we decide what to take or store on the spot while packing for relocation. In those cases, make sure to organize the boxes and inventory lists. Start your storage item list in a descending order, where big stuff comes first. Bulky things like the couch, fridge, mattress, etc., need measuring to give you an estimate of the required space. As for the boxes, their amount and dimensions will give you a hint. Still, even after you determine the correct storage size, count in some extra room, just in case.

How to use the space most efficiently

Any move requires some organization and skill when it comes to dealing with things. From packing stuff into boxes to fitting them into a moving truck and storage unit, paying attention to how you sort things is essential. Especially if you want to utilize every inch of space at our disposal. The same goes for when we’re trying to maximize the space of the storage unit. Packing heavy and bulky things on the bottom and filling corners with them is the first step. Still, you’ll want to avoid stacking too many boxes. It would be best if you left fragile things on top to prevent any possible damage.   With this in mind, leave some space in the middle so you can easily reach your boxes when necessary. The crucial thing is not to have your storage unit stuffed. If you’re not sure you’ve picked the right size of the storage unit, go with a bigger option because there is no such thing as too much storage space.

Different sizes of storage units

A goal of every storage unit is to meet the customer’s needs when it comes to protection, size, and affordability. Still, some companies have different standardized storing options. Hence, when picking a company, make sure to check what units they have available. It’s also good to know that some storage units’ heights may vary. Standard examples tend to be 8 feet tall, while others can be 10.

Standard dimensions of storage units:


The smallest available unit if you need to store just a couple of things, like a mattress, clothing, or a couple of boxes. It is the cheapest option, recommendable only for temporary storing or extra items, for example, holiday decoration.


This size is known as a mini self-storage unit. It is approximately the size of a walk-in closet – store a small number of furniture pieces or your business records and supplies.


Going with this type of unit is great because it offers plenty of space. It is the size of an average room. With 100 square feet at your disposal, you can fit a whole studio apartment here or any large items if you pack correctly.


In this spacious storage, you can fit three bedrooms easily. It’s the perfect solution for bulky furniture like a wardrobe, king-size bed, oversized cabinets, and special items and instruments (for example, the piano).


If you’re going with the space of these dimensions, you can be sure your whole home can fit in. It can store five bedrooms’ worth of belongings.


As the biggest unit, 10×30 is perfect for storing all house items, plus patio, porch, garage inventory, and a car.

Why does the size of the unit matter?

When putting away our things, we want to know they are safe from theft and potential damage. Therefore, making sure to store them in the right way matters as much as picking the right storage size. You should consider additional options some companies provide, especially if you’re living in areas with a harsh climate. These climate-controlled units are essential if you plan to store sensitive items like wine.   People commonly think that renting a bigger unit means a higher price to pay. However, sometimes renting a bigger unit is only a couple more dollars a month. And that is nothing compared to the comfort and easy access you will have. Not to mention the possibility of storing more items if necessary. Therefore, if you want to determine the right size of storage for your needs, it’s always better to go with the bigger option.