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wine storage in a self storage unit

Wine Self Storage

Wine Self Storage has emerged as a cost-effective way to store your wine products for both commercial or personal use. These units are effectively modern-day Wine Cellars, and many Storage Companies are offering Wine Storage services…


Wine Storage (Wine Cellars)

Wine storage (Click to enlarge)
Wine Storage


Recently there has been increased attention on wine self storage. It is very common to see nowadays that more and more public self storage companies are offering special storage services for wine products; each unit is equipped with racks and other accessories to store your wine bottles, or boxes, even barrels, and each unit is climate controlled to keep your precious collection, or business goods safe and in the right condition, storing of wine has to be done in the correct way to keep it in good conditions and to preserve it for a long time. Below are some companies who offer self storage units suitable for wine self storage.


Name Location Price Phone
Big Yellow UK Call 0(800) 783 49 49
Classic Wine Storage Forth Worth, TX Call 1 (817) 442 03 48
East Bank Wine Storage Chicago & Millwaukee Call 1 (312) 644 20 00
Elmwood Louisiana Call 1 (504) 737 76 76
The Fine Wine Reserve, Inc. Ontario $38 – $1775 1 (416) 593-WINE
Kennards Australia/New Zealand Call 1 (800) 65 88 55
Private Mini Storage Texas Call Click to choose facility
Store Wine Storage Palm Beach, Fl Call 1 (877) STORE-04


The three factors that have the most direct impact on a wine’s condition are light, humidity and temperature. A fourth consideration can be security, since wine can be considered a luxury good with value on the after-market. Historically the long-term storage of wine was handled by wine merchants but since the mid 20th century the task of handling and storing wine has increasingly fallen to consumers. Industries relating to specialty wine storage facilities and the construction of home-based wine cellars have emerged to cater to the storage needs of consumers.


Wine self storage (Click to enlarge)
Wine Self Storage
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Prices and information are subject to change, please check each storage company service provider for the latest updates or changes on those prices.

Cold Storage WarehouseCold Storage – Cold Storage Warehouse facilities for those who need to store goods at cold temperature controlled, or in a refrigerated environment. Several businesses has these units.

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Wine storage units (Click to enlarge)
Wine Storage Units – Wine Barrels
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Wine can be stored between 45-64 °F/7-18 °C, as long as any variations are gradual. A temperature of 55 °F or 13 °C is recommended by experts, and that’s the temperature commonly found in “caves” used to store wine in places dedicated to storing wine. These “caves” are commonly known as Wine Cellars and are ideal for both short-term wine self storage and long-term aging of wine.

Wine generally matures differently and more slowly at a lower temperature than it does at a higher temperature. Between 50-57 °F/10-14 °C, wines will age normally []

Wine cellars can be either active or passively cooled. Active wine cellars are highly insulated and need to be properly constructed. They require specialized wine cellar conditioning and cooling systems to maintain the desired temperature and humidity. In a very dry climate, it may be necessary to actively humidify the air, but in most areas this is not necessary. Passive wine cellars must be located in naturally cool and damp areas with minor seasonal and diurnal temperature variations

Wine cellars (Click to enlarge)
Wine Cellars, Wine Vault or Wine Self Storage
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